Production of Century Plywood
Production of Century Plywood
Asia Observatory

06 April 2021


Plywood prices increased, Navnit Gajjar President of Kandla Timber Association, has reported that after a meeting of Kandla based plywood and veneer industries a decision was made to increase prices for plywood, blockboards and panel doors. The reasons for the increases were the rising cost of imported raw materials due to the high freight rates and the problem of finding adequate workers to maintain production.

*Domestic ex-warehouse prices for locally manufactured WBP plywood Plywood Rs. per sq.ft Ex-warehouse 4mm 73.00 / 6mm 101.00 / 9mm 120.00 / 12mm 151.00 / 15mm 200.00 / 18mm 220.00.
*Domestic ex-warehouse prices for locally manufactured MR plywood Rs. per sq.ft Rubberwood Hardwood 4mm 48.00- 69.00 / 6mm 69.00 / 9mm 86.00- 105.00 / 12mm 105.00- 125.00 / 15mm 125.00-151.00 / 19mm 147.00-170.00 / 5mm Flexible ply 93.00.

States cut forest department budgets The times of India has reported 16 states have cut budgetary for conservation efforts but also for increasing the green cover in the country. West Bengal reported the highest percentage, a 52% decline in its budgetary allocation for the forest department followed by Uttar Pradesh (44%), Andhra Pradesh (40%), Tamil Nadu (38%) and Bihar (30%).
While most of the States receive a contribution from the Central Government Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) for afforestation State allocations are the main source for ‘greening’.

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