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18 February 2019


AICA Asia Pacific Holding (AAPH) is a 100 % subsidiary of AICA Kogyo and is the regional head office of more than 17 factories (sites) spread across north Asia (China), South East Asia (SEA) & New Zealand. The main business of AAPH sites are mainly in the manufacture of Industrial adhesives (formaldehyde & non-formaldehyde), Composite board resins & Overlay films (mainly Phenolic based films). AAPH is the leading formaldehyde adhesives manufacturer in Asia and is partnering with all our customers to produce high quality products for their clients all over the world.

With a 5 % CAGR growth since 2010 to present, I am pleased to lead the company on its "Growth" trajectory into the future! In the past few years, with record low costs of raw material, we are seeing reasonable sales growth & outstanding profitability. How then can we sustain & exceed our growth ambition while ensuring we are socially responsible to the environment & the people around us? The answer lies with motivated staff at all levels, having great products and working outside our comfort zones! At AAPH, we strongly believe in our people, who is the human capital and the engine of our growth. With a continuous improvement on the way we do things, every day will be an exciting day to look forward to! The parent company, AICA Kogyo has been very supportive to the growth of AAPH to drive the growth ambitions which includes business units organic growth, focused acquisitions/geographical expansions & synergy plans and with a strategic map of AAPH aligned with our corporate head office vision, mission & values, we are now poised to grow further! Having the focus on our mission to provide superior adhesion & surfacing solutions, we will set ambitious targets on:
• Growth: Increase size & shareholder value through acquisitions, organic growth & asset optimization;
• Operational Excellence: Process and services are executed in a safe, environmentally friendly, timely, value-added and cost-effective manner that exceeds stakeholder expectations;
• Partner of choice:
• Customers having clear preference to partner with AICA; I do welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our services to our esteem customers but as well from our associates and our suppliers on how we can be a better company and a best-in-class adhesive & surfacing solution provider in our industry. For more information:

PT AICA INDRIA Jl. Pulogadung 22, Pulogadung Ind. Estate. / ID-13920 JAKARTA / Indonesia / Ph. +62 21 4606202 E-mail:

AICA ASIA PACIFIC HOLDING Pte Ltd 43 Shipyard Road / SG-628135 SINGAPORE / Ph. +65 6265 0388 / Fax +65 6365 7973
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