Ceramic Tiles

18 March 2022


The pursuit of beauty is part of humans’ genetic heritage.
At Florim this creative instinct is combined with passion and the most modern production technology to create a new type of product. A project that is not only beautiful, but also moral, designed to make people feel comfortable in their own space and with a low environmental impact. We have a long story to tell and a keen desire to look ahead to a future of beauty, innovation and sustainability.

A past defined by challenges, hard work and difficult times. But also great passion and teamwork to build together, year after year, what we are today. 

Florim surfaces in the hotel and residential sectors. 
The relationship established between the person and the environment is the crucial factor both in the home and in the hotel context. 
Within “empathic” design, carefully tailored to the individual’s needs, the choice of surfaces plays a fundamental role. 
Take a look at the centrality of Florim collections in a number of recent residential and hotel construction projects. 

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