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Photo Datalignum
Photo Datalignum

22 September 2021


Our first Contardi branded product dates back to 2006, thereafter the company began to constantly grow year after year, and the expansion has consolidated in the last six years. Contardi is now a well-established company headquartered in the Brianza district - the beating heart of the "Made in Italy" manufacturing.

Before then, Contardi had a 30-year history of successful collaborations, providing its lighting expertise to some of the most iconic companies on the Italian design scene. Contardi is now synonymous with service, quality and flexibility, having become a reliable reference point for architects, interior decorators and lighting consultants who are in search of original and well-designed decorative and functional lighting as well as an unparalleled expertise and service.
Tailoring and avant-garde technology Internationally renowned as the “Couturier of Contemporary Lighting”, we have earned this reputation over the years for our skilful sartorial approach, for the variety of materials used, as well as the elegance of the finishes combined with the most innovative LED technology, all designed to ensure that the quality of the lighting responds to contemporary requirements. Eclecticism Eclecticism is our strength and what distinguishes us from the rest. Style variety does not mean a lack of identity though. On the contrary, it means a capacity to interpret different styles and to adapt to different settings. An eclectic offering actually has more to do with providing a sense of cohesiveness, like a single conceptual thread tying our own design to the design philosophy of the architect, and that of the client. A trailblazer We team up with international designers who have been able to interpret and anticipate global trends in both the residential and the hospitality sectors and, most importantly of all, to understand the evolution in living in general with a design that expresses the pleasure of elegance along with a specific function. Timeless Design Created in Italy We are proudly 100% Made in Italy
The vitality of our country with its unique culture and strong passion clearly comes through in the collection. Our designs are immediately recognizable, yet timeless, making them always contemporary, regardless of the passing trends.

For more information contact Mrs. Marika Pasqualetto:

Via A. Manzoni 134/140 20811 Cesano Maderno, Monza-Brianza / Italy Tel. +39 0362 301381 E-mail:

*CONTARDI USA Inc. Branch 68 Jay Street, Unit 10 North NY-11201 Brooklyn / United States of America E-mail: