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Iberus's tools for window.
Iberus's tools for window.

12 May 2022


Iberus-Kiev" enterprise has launched manufacturing of woodworking tools on its own production basis in 1990. In the market of Ukraine the new modern tools designed on the basis of up-to-date technologies were first presented. Peculiarities of these technologies are:

• Broad application of designs of milling cutters with mechanical attachment of knives;
• Usage of hard alloy (HW) of the German corporation Leuco for manufacturing of knives on own profiles;
• The application of standard hard-alloy (HW) knives ground with 2 and 4 parties, that in as much time augments their service life;
• Grinding of slots under knives, which increases accuracy of knives installation, that, in its turn, results in improvement of the quality of work and increase of service life of cutters;
• The application of facing knives creates favourable operational mode for the main knives, provides a capability of their overturning, essentially reduces loads on the equipment, guarantees quality of timber processing;
• The dynamic balancing of cutters provides a decrease of end beating, and also reduces loads, noise level, vibration;
• The application of light alloys at manufacturing of cutter bodies considerably diminishes loads on bearing mount assemblies of spindles, the price of which often surpasses the cost of the tools.
The decrease of loads essentially prolongs the service life of your equipment. Alongside with universal hard alloy for processing of different wood species and timber-based materials the application of specialized HW, intended for processing MDF and chip boards is possible, if beforehand it is known, what material will be treated. For a vast introduction of high technologies and new tools we carry out seminars, which are open for all comers.
For the convenience of our clients seminars are dated to the most significant exhibitions spent in Kiev.
In 1998 the production of our enterprise was awarded with a "Prize of Europe for quality ". 
In 2002 "Iberus-Kiev" was recognized as one of 100 best enterprises in the field of a woodworking by Assembly of business communities of Ukraine.

For more information contact Mrs Tatyana Zabelina-Filkovskaya, General Manager:
Frunze St. 51-а
UA-04080 KIEV / Ukraine
Ph. +38 (044) 4824761 or +38 (044) 4625060