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04 July 2017


Wood is beautiful. It is the oldest construction material in human history.
Wood is sustainable. Its valuable characteristics and natural advantages are irreplaceable. Regenerating forests stabilize the climate and absorb greenhouse gas emissions.
Wood products prolong this storage.
Wood is shapeable. It is the most important, most versatile and utilized material in the world. Wood products provide living spaces, quality of life, comfort and warmth. Woodworking requires innovative techniques and the best tools.

Comprehensive services, innovative tools and Leitz's manufacturer's service make the best out of wood. The new knife head change system ProfilCut Q Diamond sets pioneering new standards in machine processing. ProfilCut Q Diamond is a unique combination of an ultralight aluminum tool body and re-sharpenable profile knives. This enables constant diameter diamond cutting, guaranteeing higher efficiency and maximum productivity and profitability.
WORK FASTER Maximise productivity and reduce processing time by: significantly improving surface quality - innovative clamping system for the toughest applications - friction and heat reducing coating - lightweight aluminum construction - less vibration due to superior balance quality - Diamond cutting.
EASY TO USE Short set-up times and easy-to-use: independent knife positioning without setting aids - change knives on-site – no need to send the tool to the service center - knife change in the set - perfect repeatability after each knife change - easy set-up after sharpening - compatible with all other tooling systems - noise-reduced design.
SUSTAINABLE OPERATION Save on resources, thanks to: reusable tool body - replaceable knives - resharpen knives 5 times - 20 times longer tool life - reduced service costs.
For more information contact Mrs Annekatrin Teschke:

Leitz Strasse 2
D-73447 OBERKOCHEN / Germany
Ph.+49 7384 950435