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Furniture Industry

02 June 2023


Rock becomes a universal notion in Gilmour’s cosmopolitan vision, transcending space and time to create absolute places. Its name is an open tribute to the international rock icons, Pink Floyd, which is precisely what makes it such a timeless piece. Its clean lines and compact volumes, expertly constructed with alternating solids and voids, reveal an eclectic personality that readily blends into living spaces. A sofa that transforms into an ideal meeting place to welcome all the vibes of being in perfect harmony with one’s soul. Countless possible combinations for a system that can enhance any space.

The main features of Gilmour It is a modular sofa with 16 available modules, with the base structure supported by feet. It can be accessorised and has a removable covering in both the fabric and leather version. The one-piece backrest provides optimal support at every point, while the seat is split into sections formed by soft, rectangular cushions. The chaise longue is a comfy space to relax with its pared-back lines and volumes.
It can be customised by adding cushions or a pouffe with a support surface, providing additional leisure space. The support surface featuring a raised edge and the practical open container space, both made of ash wood, serve as satellite accessories adding to the sofa’s comfort and introducing new functions in perfect harmony with the design. The slim and elegant island base resembles a natural wooden plank. To add harmony to the whole or else create an element of contrast, it can also be covered in the same fabric as the sofa, or alternatively in a different covering to highlight the composition's rhythm.
Painted in Busnelli’s special Shade colour, the carved blade foot adds a certain lightness reminiscent of tree branches. A sophisticated element that serves as both a structural and decorative component. Green approach: The seat cushion is made of one layer of polyurethane foam and regenerated PET padding.
The additional cushions are made with Microflock re-padding.
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