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Furniture Industry

05 September 2023


From place for sharing to functional and multi-tasking micro-architecture.
Nautila by Arrital is the perfect combination of performance, design and innovation. Rational, textured, elegant. Nautila is the new kitchen system designed by the architect Franco Driusso, inspired by a noble example of “oceanic architecture”: the shell of the Nautilus, whose internal chamber structure is recognized as one of the best-known forms of golden ratio, mathematical language of beauty and absolute design.

The core of the collection is the door characterized by a ribbed aluminium support (16-mm thick), a material renowned for its technical properties which adds high performance in terms of stability and lightness. These features allow the use of large doors without compromising the opening mechanisms and ensuring long-lasting durability. New materials create a different visual and tactile impact. In addition to Fenix NTM solid colours and Sand and Gloss lacquer coverings , Arrital offers a version with wooden strips of Rovere Fumè, available in brushed or milled finish, with regular or asymmetrical strips.
The door will also be available with the innovative 3D texture on a sheet of pressed aluminium featuring a diamond pattern lacquered in several finishes, among them Nero Sand: a sophisticated and bold “surface” characterized by an high tech, but at the same time minimalist and rigorous look. Nautila goes beyond the idea of a kitchen environment and brings home its own design language: a new overhead system – a black matt aluminium profile patented by Arrital, without visible joints and covered in various materials, including stainless steel on an aluminium honeycomb-core support – transforms the concept of the kitchen into a multitasking space and acts as an architrave separating living and dining areas. The same aluminium profile is used in many other elements featured in Arrital kitchens. Eye-catching and elegant, thanks to the geometrically perfect alternation of solid and empty spaces, the new overhead system is provided with integrated LED lighting and can store kitchen utensils and support the main service accessories, such as shelves and electrical sockets, while an integrated transparent glass element protects the cooking area.
The add-ons to the composition include the new base units with open drawers and GEM display units in the new 120-cm modules, fitted with new internal accessories (bottle holders, glass holders, plate holders) supported by a matt black painted aluminium frame with integrated LED lighting.
The collection is completed by the new Sipario storage system with four concealed doors, which can be configured internally in different versions, including the solution with integrated extraction. With Nautila, Arrital’s furnishing proposal goes beyond the idea of kitchen environment and becomes part of the architectural project, making use of a highly innovative power of expression. An evolution made possible by the combination of design and technology, where high-performance materials result in a multitasking architecture featuring sculptural shapes.
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