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06 September 2021


The Veronese company uses 24k gold for the first time for one of its historic kitchen models “maya”and presents a “hanami” composition inspired by the mathematician Fibonacci. The stylistic evolution for the 'age of metals' of Minotti Cucine continues.The company is ,after the award-winning Terra kitchen in cast bronze, designed by Claudio Silvestrin, experimenting this year with two new metals: gold and brass, both characterized by cold finishes and surfaces that respect visual silence.

The big news for 2021 is the 24k gold finish, which Minotti Cucine manifests today on the Maya kitchen door. The use of gold is possible thanks to a particular galvanization process that makes the brand unique and recognizable worldwide. Born in 2004 in stone and lightly burnished aluminum from the pencil of Alberto Minotti, now 17 years later, Maya confirms its iconicity linked to the cold material, with a new minimalist and particularly precious look.
Thanks to its extremely clean lines and a design capable of going beyond the succession of fashions over time, Maya embodies the concept of "visual silence", the philosophy behind the minotticucine production according to which every element that can be eliminated is an unnecessary element, which disturbs the linearity of the kitchen. "The possibilities of stylistic intervention on a model characterized by such essential lines were extremely limited - says Alberto Minotti, art director of the Group - for this reason we decided to focus on an innovation that exploited the latest technologies, thus combining a timeless kitchen project with today's innovative technological materials. Maya Oro was thus born from the desire to create a kitchen project that is only apparently simple, a model behind which research and innovation are hidden, but also art and culture, ingredients that have always been present in Minotti Cucine production". The combination of gold and stone evokes an aesthetic suspended in time, capable of going beyond it.

The choice of gold associated with a green-blue stone is a reference to the Mayan civilization, which often used the precious metal and stones such as jade, in order to create treasures, jewellery and sculptures of the highest level. Maya is endowed with great aesthetic lightness, thanks to the characteristic narrow widths and the possibility of alternating suspended bases, ground bases and low bases.

The 24K gold door is a stylistic and design virtuosity: the doors open thanks to a protrusion of only 7 mm from the stone top above without any handle or groove, a door width of only 3 mm thick runs all around the kitchen becoming functional when opening. The sculptural volumes of the Maya kitchen can be composed of single bases, resting on the ground or suspended, and double-deep bases.

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