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Furniture Industry

02 May 2023


In 2014 Gautier set up an effective process via the "Yammer" tool. This focuses on innovation thanks to a collaborative procedure which puts employees at the heart of innovation projects. In 2015 Gautier strengthened its manufacturing facilities by investing 10 million euros in its Boupère production site. 7.5 million of this was earmarked for the new FLEX manufacturing process.

Creating a comfortable master bedroom Bed frame and bed linen, pillows and duvet, cushions and accessories: your bedroom is even more comfortable when you add your own personal touches. When choosing your furniture, bedding and accessories, you are the one who really understands what you need for a good night's sleep. Experts advise changing your mattress and base every 10 years so that it keeps its shape and for health reasons.
Otherwise the bed can start to sag and lose its quality and firmness, which may affect your sleep. Select your mattress We spend about one third of our lives sleeping, so it is essential to choose a mattress that is right for you. Latex, wall, foam or sprung – the choice of filling is huge and mainly depends on your particular needs for a comfortable night's sleep. But there are a number of criteria that measure the quality of an adult bed, particularly the mattress: its thickness, firmness or softness, whether it is double-sided for winter and summer (with the right finish for different temperatures). You should think about the following in order to keep your body well supported, and particularly your back, which is particularly sensitive and needs the right support:
- The height (or thickness) of the mattress and its dimensions (a wider mattress is more comfortable);
- An independent mattress is more comfortable for two people as it is filled with pocketed springs to absorb the movements of both occupants;
- The density of the filling and support.
If you are used to a particular support (springs, foam or latex) and you generally sleep well, stay with this kind of mattress because your body is used to it.
Select the right base The base is essential for providing your back with the correct support. Whether it is sprung or slatted, the base is the key to a good night's sleep and healthy back. The one you choose is a matter of taste, but the quality is determined by the number of slats or springs (it should provide firm support for the shoulders, thorax, pelvis and buttocks while being softer at the head and lumbar region). Pay attention to the materials used, anti-dust mite treatments and how to look after your base, because a treated and well cared-for base guarantees sweet dreams for many years to come!

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