Riva 1920: creating furniture that challenges time and respects nature.
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28 October 2014

Riva 1920: creating furniture that challenges time and respects nature.

The company working for years on this project: creating furniture that challenges time and respects nature. Riva 1920 has been producing furniture for three generations. Maurizio and Davide Riva are currently leading the company, started off by grandfather Nino Romano in 1920 and carried on by their father Mario Riva.
In the past 20 years, the company was committed to producing furniture with only and exclusively natural materials and complements, guaranteeing low environmental impact.
While thinking of the future and young generations, Riva 1920 inaugurates in 2001 the Museum of Wood, to hand over and not to forget that wood is a renewable resource, but it is not infinite: only an aware use and a correct integration policy of the arboreal heritage can guarantee a balanced ecosystem in the future.
Culture, design and social sensitivity have become key features of Riva 1920’s activities.
The collaboration with design masters strengthened a philosophy characterized by a merging of functionality and aesthetics, without ever forgetting the importance of healthy living and eco-sustainability.
Special Projects were born out of this marriage between woodwork and geniality, such as the project aimed at re-utilizing Venetian Briccole, the millenary New Zealand Kauri wood, the project Ground Zero, to remember the history of 9/11 through design masters and San Patrignano “Barrique” project, allowing the recycling of olds barrels, thus helping former drug addicts of San Patrignano community to find a way out and start a new life.

Museum of Wood
The structure of the centre is almost entirely covered with larch-wood, one of the most long lasting and weather-resistant woods. The interior has been designed to bring out the essence and integrity of the furniture made of solid wood.
The models on show are offered as clear examples of the different types of wood available and the variety of the company’s output which is updated every year to keep abreast of trends.
The top floor houses the Museum of Wood, which gathers over 4.000 historic woodworking machines and tools. This is the biggest of such collections in the whole of Italy. The aim of the exhibition is to rediscover the origins and traditions of the woodworking industry in the Cantù area.
Riva 1920 collection is freely open to the public and to all those interested in learning about the traditions of woodworking.
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