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16 June 2023


In 1998, H-Flachs Managing Director Wolfgang Hagenauer got to know flax as a raw material in the Netherlands. He was impressed by the advantages of the material: lightness with stability at the same time, high insulating effect and above all the residue-free processing of the plant.

Flax stands for the philosophy of H-Flachs: generate a sustainable and individual benefit for the customer. When founding his company in 2010, Wolfgang Hagenauer decided to make flax the basis and name of his company. Due to its properties, the raw Flax is the material of choice for H-Flachs in the range of door systems for fire and sound insulation. Flax represents the pioneering spirit of the company.
Together with the customer, H-Flachs to finds solutions away from established paths and structures. FLAX – panel building material for those who think ahead The H-Flachs ECO door panel is ideal for you as an environmentally conscious customer who focuses on sustainability, minimizes his ecological footprint and wants to contribute to an efficient use of resources. Doors with the H-Flachs ECO door panel are sustainable. The flax board is produced gently from residues.
The fast growing flax plant is harvested after around 100 days. 100% of the flax plant is used and it is fully recyclable. Natural glue and no formaldehyde Doors with the H-Flachs ECO door inserts ensure healthy air quality. Many wood-based materials are still glued with glue, which releases the harmful pollutant formaldehyde. This can trigger allergic reactions and headaches and is suspected to be carcinogenic.
The H-Flachs ECO door panel is glued with a soya-based adhesive that is completely formaldehyde-free (E0 quality) and harmless to health. In addition, the raw material flax does not naturally contain formaldehyde, unlike wood. For centuries, flax short fibers have been produced in the linen industry as waste product in the processing of flax into linen. They are used to make natural boards or stuffing material, for example for door seals. Flax is ideal for both.
Flax boards are tensile and stretchy. They absorb moisture without damage and release it again. A big plus of the flax board is that it keeps its shape constantly, so it doesn’t shrink. Flax is characterize by very good heat and sound insulation. The fire protection class is easily achieved by adding fire-retardant substances. Flax is not only suitable as a door panel, but also as a floor covering or as a board for furniture construction.

For more information contact Mr. Wolfgang Hagenauer, Managing Director:

Reichenhaller Str. 25
D-83395 FREILASSING / Germany
Tel. +49 8654 58991-0
Fax +49 8654 5899199