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21 December 2019


Oskar Nolte was established in 1959 as a manufacturer of paints for furniture manufacturers. It started by providing a full range of products, however greatly increased its focus on specialty segments in the early ‚‘90s of the last century. The strategic decision was taken to concentrate only on large-industrial manufacturers of boards as customers for its products. This paved the way to specialize on water-based coating systems complemented by radiation-curing 100% material systems.

These systems were economically superior to conventional solvent-based systems and also made sense from an environmental point of view.
Even today, manufacturers of boards and panels made of engineered wood (MDF, HDF, Particle Board…) as suppliers to the furniture and (interior) door industry are a key customer group for the company. The company is owned by management and Ambienta, an investor into companies with environmental friendly technologies ( During the last years, the company greatly extended its geographic reach and enlarged its product offer in related areas (e.g. coating of new substrates such as foils or plastics, new radiation-curing drying technologies and customer-specific developments in particular. Large industrial customers require a superior value for the products bought. Due to the large volumes needed, we understand that there is no space for waste in handling raw materials and finished goods and in the whole manufacturing process. However, it is not just the product which we supply to our customers. Actually, it is our capability of solving surface issues and improving our customer’s operations – be it through developing new applications, increasing the productivity of the line or minimizing waste – Oskar Nolte is not selling a product, but we see ourselves as partner to our customers in finding bespoke solutions to surface issues.
So, in a way, coatings are not “finished products”, but they become a material part of the surface by an application process and on a substrate provided by our customers. It is our aim to contribute superior knowledge to the whole process, be it on the substrate preparation, machine parameters, use of auxiliary products or coaching applicators. Our service capability with experiences lab and tech service personnel acting as a team is also what sets us apart. Our products offer a superior price-performance level as they minimize layer thicknesses in the efficient roller application process. They are robust as applications in various countries under different climatic conditions and shipping parameters show. Here, drying properties play a significant role as our customer’s processes require fast and economic drying – leading us to often suggest radcure methods where UV drying results in fast process.
And finally, our systems are engineered to withstand chemical and mechanical impact. In addition to providing products and services to our customers, we feel an obligation to the environment. While our products replace solvent-based and hazardous alternatives, we also watch the environmental impact in our own value chain. It all starts by selecting non-toxic, metal- and formaldehyde free raw materials, continues by optimizing inbound logistics and minimizing waste in all stages of the production process. Waste we cannot avoid, we try to recycle. And this is also what we do with packaging as 90% of all packaging materials are being recycled. For more information:

OSKAR NOLTE Lackfabrik GmbH
Im Obrock 55-61
D-32278 Kirchlengern / Germany
Ph. +49-5223 71194