40 year anniversary for the Catalano bench.

24 June 2014

40 year anniversary for the Catalano bench.

«We have discovered a new way to ideally adapt the deployé. The material is elastic, easily curved in one direction making it resistant. It wastes no iron plates and is perforated. This reduces the steel from heating up, permits quick drying after a downpour and gives the bench an appearance of transparency -an effect we have been pursued from the start. We have also introduced freedom to the length of the bench, now being able to increase in modules of metres.»
In 1974 Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets wrote the text for the presentation of the Catalano bench, signed by Studio Per just when BD had been founded. These young architects designed the Catalano when there wasn’t even a definition for outdoor furniture, but we can affirm that it was initiated with the bench. The secret for success was in the virtues within the steel «déployé», it’s profile, it’s ergonomics which is unsurpassable.
It was wisely adapted to Gaudí’s famous mosaic bench in Park Guell.

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