Fantoni is Bluesound27.

18 May 2012

Fantoni is Bluesound27.

The star of the Fantoni showroom in Milan will be the AP Acoustic Panelling division, in particular Topakustik.
Bluesound27 is a video mapping performance that shows the infinite possibilities of the Fantoni group’s sound-deadening systems and investigates the relationship between towns and environmental acoustics. An extraordinary mix of technology, interactivity and new materials.
Three enormous islands, made in Topakustik, will come to life to represent the skyline of a town and will become interactive as people pass by, showing what happens inside and outside buildings. The performance will be combined with video mapping on the showroom walls so that visitors are totally involved in a new dimension.
A town, an array of flows and progress, but also a sustainable town, a breathing town – in fact a town that is the town we would all like to live in.
The town will be represented by a series of towers laid out in a rhomboid pattern, each with different characteristics; the carefully planned route within the showroom will guide spectators at Via Santa Sofia 27, both within and without, and not only that.
We will have the intoxicating perception of being the activators of a possible change. In fact, while following the route that winds its way through the town-exhibition space, visitors will be able, through their presence, to influence the sounds and video-projected images.
The town will therefore be a ‘happening’, always different, that puts spectators in the active role of builders, guided by their own perceptions.
There will be a transition from the town environment, sometimes confused and contradictory, to the work environment or, better still, the public space, - eco-sustainable, enjoyable and liveable – that is the concrete expression of Fantoni’s distinctive trait.
The project has been developed in cooperation with Insynch Lab, a work group founded in 2010 in the laboratory of the department of New technologies in Art at the Brera Academy in Milan, with the objective of revolutionizing the contemporary multimedia production scene.
A fundamental partner of the event is Louds with Figaro, the “concealed” audio system that succeeds in transforming an entire surface into a high quality loudspeaker.

Technical notes
Video Mapping is a video projection technique that allows the shapes of an object or building to be represented using video content such as textures, three-dimensional images, narrative videos and graphic experimentation that emphasize the structure itself.
The work consists of a play of perceptive illusions that can be created by light, completely transforming the surface onto which they are projected - often the façades of buildings or monuments – into a fluid, changeable stage: the roles in the performance are reversed; the background becomes the star, comes to life, turns into the foreground. Here, materials and digital images contribute to the show, merging together and invading the spectator's space.
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