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At the center, Gianni Sella founder of the company with his sons. On the left, Andrea and Nicola. Photo Datalignum
At the center, Gianni Sella founder of the company with his sons. On the left, Andrea and Nicola. Photo Datalignum
Presidents & Managing Directors

08 January 2019


Essetre was founded in 1979 in Thiene / Vicenza and began its business by designing and manufacturing woodworking machinery, with particular attention to kitchen processing. Today it is an established Company, well-known on the Italian and foreign market, highly qualified for its specific design and manufacture of multi-purpose working center for the processing of wood, plastic and light alloys. The working center, studied with advanced technologies, structures and software, meet the requirements of numerous production fields: from the kitchen manufacturers to the window &door manufacturers, from the joinery companies to the carpenters, from the chair manufacturers to the companies working in the building industry, from the furniture manufacturers to the sofa manufacturers. The latest production is:

Techno Progress CNC patented working centre to process in a flexible and productive way: Beams – Prefabricated Walls – CLT panels – Curved beams Standard Techno Progress is equipped with a 5 axis milling unit complete of an automatic tool-change magazine with 9 positions that can work both in the beam area and in the wall one.
For anyone who needs to increase production Essetre offers the machine equipped with no. 4 independent operation units which are: Second independent 5-axis milling unit complete of 9 positions tool-changer magazine which can work simultaneously with the first 5-axis milling head on the beams area. With this configuration we delete the time of the tool changer and to work the ridge beams with the two milling heads simultaneously increasing considerably the production. The third independent unit is composed of a 5-axis unit with 55 Kw motor, specifically designed for the cutting of CLT panels with blade diameter up to a 1200mm to cut large thickness up to 400 mm. An additional unit that makes Techno Progress 100% unique and flexible is the independent stapling unit. This allows to work the Wall Frames automatically increasing the precision of the stapling and, very important thing, it makes the Walls certifiable.
The machine has been designed with a versatile table to block CLT panels and Frame Walls; thanks to the different options installed, its structure makes it adaptable to both types of production such as the vacuum system and the suction cups for CLT panels holding. As regards the Frame Walls processing, grill holes are provided on the whole surface of the table for references and Wall square by means of pins and push pistons.
The Working Centre is equipped with two workstations to interface the operator, complete of “Essetre Beams and Walls Software” which provides a total control of the functions and an immediate and simple use by the operator. Our program stands out an open system that allows any type of software connection and direct transfer of the BTL files from various CAD design.

For more information contact Mrs Deborah Vandervorst, Management Secretary:
Via della Repubblica Serenissima 7
I-36016 THIENE / Vicenza / Italy
Ph. +39 0445 365999