The Hanex’s Chairman, Dr. Cihan Ayla. Photo Datalignum
The Hanex’s Chairman, Dr. Cihan Ayla. Photo Datalignum
Presidents & Managing Directors

19 October 2016

CIHAN AYLA, HANEX: strong partners for the Turkey market.

The Company was founded in 1987 in Germany and has been functioning in Istanbul as HANEX Ltd. Sti from 1994.

HANEX gives the representation service to mainly Wood industry with turn-key production plants, steel belts and plates, decorative printed and unicolor papers and Chemical and Food industries with the steel belt representation.
HANEX is a representation company of many companies located mainly in Germany, Austria, France and Italy in Turkey.

The industries represented are: Andritz – Baumer Inspection – Berndorf Band – DeuroWood – Dieffenbacher – Swpm – EcoChem – Firefly – Hueck Rheinische – Hymmen – IsoCos – Micro Abrasives – Rembe – SBS - Surteco Décor – Feyco Treffert – Vits - Wessel Environmental Technologies.

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