Fazil Kizitas, Chairman of the Board. Photo Datalignum.
Fazil Kizitas, Chairman of the Board. Photo Datalignum.
Presidents & Managing Directors

19 October 2015

Cemilusta Woodworking Machinery in Turkey since 1944.

The film was founded by M. CEMİL KIZILTAŞ ( Cemilusta ) whose name has become the trade name of the firm, as a modest workshop.

At the beginning Cemil Usta had established his firm to provide spare parts and to repair faulty parts of the machines which were imported at that time and to secure steady operations of the same machinery. But the ever increasing requirements and demans since those years have forced the firm to produce these machines within the scale allowed by the resources. Production of Saw-Sharpening Machine was realised in 1945. Band Resawing Machine in 1949 and Vertical Log Band Saw in 1955. Cemilusta has contiuned his personel endeavors until the year 1960 and after that date has continued business with his two sons Yurdaer KIZILTAŞ AND O. Peker KIZILTAŞ whom are both Mechanical Engineers KIZILTAŞ brothers have made a great deal of contribution for the development of the company by increasing the quality, quantity and the range of machinery that are produced. Desing works new products, research and development were also conducted by the same persons. At first they worked in production then they look over the management. In 1967 the firm was carried to its present premises at Sefaköy on an area of 5.000m2. Machinery produced were exhibited in domestic and foreign fairs and after gaining within a wide scope of use the mass production was adopted in the early 1970 in production of wood working machines. Among these hydraulic hot Veneer Presses came into production in 1976, Veneer Sawing and Training Machines. Glue Spreading and Veneer Splicing Machines entered into the production in the following years. Automatic Double End Squaring and Tenoning Machine used in production of doors was introduced to service of furniture industry in 1980, as well as Edge Banding Machines in 1984 and Double End Sizing and Squaring Machines in 1988. At present there are more than 15.000 wood-working and furniture making machinery operating in the United States Middle East and West European Countries and mostly in Turkey. The firm was the first Turkish firm to participate in the 1979 Ligna International Wood Working Machinery Fair in Hannover among 24 Internatıonal firms. The title of being the first firm having a TSEK ( Turkish Standars Institution Quality Certificate ) for its product was acquired in 1980.. The firm well organized both within the country and abroad and has a distinguished name by its endeavors up to the present. From 1990's on Fazıl KIZILTAŞ and Selçuk KIZILTAŞ took place as a third generation in management at the establishment. Cemilusta is specialised in the productions of: Hydraulic presses, Veneer presses, Door presses, Membran presses, Finish foil presses, Laboratory test presses, Melamine presses, Polyurethane presses, Special Productio presses, Glue Spreading machine, Veneer Cutting machine.
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