Marco Santori / Sesa Spa
Presidents & Managing Directors

27 January 2006

Marco Santori / Sesa Spa

The company was founded by Antonio Santori in 1950 in Olgiate Olona (near Varese) and produces special press plates for the manufacture of laminates.
Today, Sesa is run by his son Marco, Managing Director, and by his daughter Rossella, who is in charge of the administration and finance division.
The company started by operating in the industry of press plates grinding and polishing for the production of high pressure plastic laminates.
Later, a photoengraving section was set up, which enabled the processing of structured surfaces, such as wood, leather, geometrical designs, ceramics.
A department for the surface chromium plating of the plates was also opened. To these, a Research and Development Department was added, in order to create new finishes and technologies. Sesa Spa, UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 2000, is deci-sively directed towards product innovation and quality improvement.
Reference market is 95% abroad: 50% in Europe, 30% in America and 20% in Asia. Over 53 years of business activity, Sesa Spa was able to constantly improve the technological content of its products and find a suita-ble position at the top of the market worldwide. We travelled to Olgiate Olona to inview Mr. Marco Santori, who told us:

“In the professional life of everyone there come times, of expansion as well as of reflection. The present market situation, characterised by strong competition in a context of consolidated demand, but without expansion, calls for reflection and an attentive eye on the production cycle and organisation. This is the right time to improve the internal structure of a company, to study new technical systems for production, study the market, set new and more aggressive strategies to strengthen the sales organisation.  We are living a historic moment and, therefore, it is necessary to adapt our tools and trust, that is my vision and it is a serene one. The road will not be an easy one but with commitment, innovation and determination we shall not only maintain the results that we have achieved so far but it will be possible to improve them even more”.

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