Francesco Cepile / Quickwood Italia Srl
Presidents & Managing Directors

27 January 2006

Francesco Cepile / Quickwood Italia Srl

In 1979, Quickwood Aps was founded in Denmark and subsequently, in 1989, Quickwood Italia Srl was founded in Italy with the aim of satisfying the demands of the Italian market in a more immediate and widespread way than had been previously possible when only the Danish headquarters were operative. In spite of being a small-sized industrial group, it has an international vocation and is active in numerous countries throughout the world, boasting branches in: Germany, Russia, France, the USA and China. Following a period of rapid growth, investment in both production and business structures, targeted at meeting growing market demand, proved to be justified. The request from both Italian and foreign clients to carry out in-house operating tests resulted in the urgent need to develop a highly qualified structure both in terms of technological and commercial image. Furthermore, the development of new brushing machines and innovative brushing utensils, almost all covered by a patent, highlighted the need to create an autonomous design and production unit. Its applications are those of the furniture sector in general, of the production of doors and cupboard doors, in the window and door frames sector, i.e. windows, Persian blinds, shutters in general and doors with shaped or rusticated surfaces, in the chair and armchair sector and in the sector dealing with items for funeral parlours and, finally, knick-knacks shaped from components for toiletry purposes right up to the production of bathroom fixtures and fittings.
The Gruppo Quickwood employes 62 resources worldwide with overall sales accounting for a total of 27 million Euros. We went to Udine to talk to its president, Ing. Francesco Cedile, about current and future prospects. This is what he told us:

“The current situation is one of total stagnation. The market is just waiting to see what will happen and is, therefore, not particularly keen on making purchases. Our clients order machines “on the spot”, i.e. they invest for a specific reason and often in a rather imprudent manner. Though shaky, the market continues to hold without growing. As regards the future, I would like to make some distinctions regarding the various market situations.
Prospects for Italy are not positive even though Italian entrepreneurs are the best in the world, but this is the fault of the market. Conversely, “Mediterranean” and Far East markets have a positive capacity for reabsorbtion as does the USA. We gave a boost to innovation with the production of “multi-axial” machines with brush heads designed to reach even the most difficult parts and a capacity to work rapidly on small parts and small orders. These are designed to meet the needs of a market that continues to reduce quantities. However, my view of the future is definitely positive.”

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