Luigi Frati / Frati Group
Presidents & Managing Directors

27 January 2006

Luigi Frati / Frati Group

The Frati Group is one of the most important Italian producers of chipboard panels, MDF, both rough and melamine-face and high pressure plastic laminates, in different typologies for a variety of different applications.
The company pays particular attention to the qualitative uniformity of its products, in a continuous research of projects and styles: while taking advantage of the valid use of professional experts in the field of architecture, design and colour.
Luigi Frati, who gave the name to the industrial Group, founded his first company in Pomponesco (Mantua) in 1961, which was joined by other new plants and companies over the years, diversified by production typology. Today, the Group counts 8 production units: Frati Luigi (with the Pantec Division), CMP Spa, Chimica Pomponesco Spa (with the Divisions: Chemical and Impregnation), Bipan Spa (with the Division: Astrid), Valori Franco & C. Srl and Frati Laminati Srl.
The Frati Group boasts 750 workers and sales accounting for 260 million euro in 2005. The Frati Group promotes the Eco-Compatibility of its products, controlling the production processes, including the collection of primary wood materials. The creativity that the Group expresses in the decorating sector is supported by research strategically directed at the various market typologies: from the furniture world to the contract sector, from building to urban design. In order to get an updated situation of the market we visited Pomponesco to talk to Mr. Luigi Frati, the President of the Group bearing the same name, who said:

“Examining the market, we can say that 2004 saw a recovery, which came to a standsitll in the early months of 2005, thus slowing the 2004 trend at the end of the year. To improve product quality we have invested in technology and new installations, above all at Pantec. I have to complain about the problem of primary wood material, as the present regulations in force allow the electric plants to use prime wood material, thus creating a strong source of competition. We have faced the problem with our “controlled collection” centres of sawmill scraps, sawdust, wooden packaging, items of demolished furniture and wooden components, etc. The high cost of raw materials, due to the reasons previously mentioned, affect the sales price and, consequently, the whole furnishing sector. Legislation that does not determine a distortion of the costs of raw wood materials would benefit the entire sector.
My view of the future is a positive one because the world does not stop and any problem can be resolved”. The Frati Group is committed to the Eco-Quality Project with a specific Brand that identifies all of its production in three terms: Controlled Collection, High Technology and Quality Guarantee.

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