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The fascinating young Ladies, Natasha Bugayskaya and Kseniya Maksakova, were the Russian Industry ambassadors. Photo Datalignum.
The fascinating young Ladies, Natasha Bugayskaya and Kseniya Maksakova, were the Russian Industry ambassadors. Photo Datalignum.
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22 December 2019


Below we publish a message from the Russian Secretary of State, Viktor Evtukhov:

Moscow, 2nd December 2019 
<< Russian timber processing enterprises are pleased to participate in the 14th Middle East’s leading platform for wood & woodworking machinery – Dubai WoodShow 2019 and to present here almost the entire line of modern wood products. These are the newest samples of plywood, particleboard, OSB and MDF, glued and laminated veneer lumber, wall panels, furniture boards, components and sawmill products. Russia occupies a leading position in the volume of forest resources produced in the world. Effective use of these resources is our national priority. We rely on strong centuries old traditions and set ambitious goals introduction of new production technologies and development of exports. Russia is a reliable partner, for many years supplying the in demand materials to the world market. The products of the Russian timber industry complex are of high quality, due to which they complete head-to-head with the best world standards. Russia as two colossal advantages that allow us to look to the future with optimism. First, we have a very low manufacturing cost of the production compared to most other countries. Secondly, we have much more affordable forest costs. All these factors have already been appreciated by our partners from different countries. Thus, Russian manufacturer’s OSB and plywood are already highly-demanded in Europe, we also have experience in delivering woodwork products to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Oman. In addition to traditional materials, Russia relies on new type of wood building materials, for example, LVL-timber. This innovative wood-based composite material has higher quality technical characteristics as compared to the traditional load-bearing structures; it retains a longer carrying capacity during fire and is resistant to a biologically active medium; as well as, it more economical in installation and in terms of operating costs. The main advantage of this material is its versatility. It is suitable for construction in any climate regardless of seasonality. Russian companies are open to different forms of cooperation. We are sure that the Dubai WoodShow exhibition will allow us to demonstrate the strongest aspects of the timber industry and find new partners.>>

Viktor Evtukhov
State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Maroseika Str. 3-13
RU-101990 MOSCOW / Russia / Ph. +7 495 6240301 / E-mail: