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Svetlana Molianova, the Russian girl and the Boyard aero lift mechanism.
Svetlana Molianova, the Russian girl and the Boyard aero lift mechanism.
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29 March 2018


Boyard is the largest player in the market of furniture fittings of Russia and CIS countries. By its own estimations the share of market of BOYARD amounts to 30%. The company offers a unique range of products, including the positions of either front or functional furniture fittings. The product range of BOYARD comprises more than 2000 items.

Boyard Company is the only player in Russia that presents the full range of front and functional fittings and component parts united under one brand to different segments of the furniture market. Boyard offers everything that is necessary for any furniture that is to solve completely different problems of a user. Boyard fittings are everything that surrounds us, everything that makes the furniture work well and provides its user with a comfort, stylish, and harmonious life. The history is full of important milestones and unforgettable events, unusual legends and bright achievements. However, like always, history is created by people. Boyard’s history is the reflection of actions, deeds, creative ideas, purposeful and active work of the Company’s employees, leading specialists, managers, and members of administrative staff. BOYARD’s history is a mosaic of facts, figures, events, and names.
Boyard’s mosaic is the roots that give birth to a slim and high tree of the Fittings of Present and Future. Gaslifts & Aero Lifting Mechanisms Nowadays fittings surround us everywhere. We come home and put our clothes in the hall and wardrobe on hooks. We feel satisfaction when see the interior style highlighted by such a trifle as a furniture handle. We go into the kitchen and can easily find everything because everything is in its place and well organized. That is why the process of cooking is comfortable and communication is pleasant. While we are having rest, kitchen furniture equipped with high quality fittings, lifting mechanisms, pull-out systems, and baskets is working for us making every day comfortable and organized and releasing our time for a bright, pleasant, fruitful, well thought-out and harmonious life. Boyard sets such objectives to fittings. Just such technological, efficient, functional, reliable, stylish, and aesthetic fittings have the right to be called high quality. But this is not the whole story. Boyard fittings are everything enumerated above plus something more, i.e. a particle of soul and sense in every component part. Boyard offers a checked and universal spectrum of front and functional fittings to any taste and demand.
For more information contact Mr Artyom Kuchenko:

25 Sibirskij Tract
RU-620100 Ekaterinburg / Russia
Ph. +7 343 2170791