Silvia Melegari appointed as new Secretary General of EOS.
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02 September 2015

Silvia Melegari appointed as new Secretary General of EOS.

The European Organization of the Sawmill Industry aisbl (EOS) has appointed Mrs. Silvia Melegari (35) as the new Secretary General in its Brussels office. Following the appointment of the present Secretary General Mr. Kimmo Järvinen as the Managing Director of the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers, Silvia will assume her duties in September 1st, 2015.
Mrs. Melegari holds a M.Sc. degree in European law and joins EOS from the European Panel Federation (EPF), where she is presently holding the position of Environment & Research Adviser. She has an extensive experience in working for the promotion of wood working industries and in European affairs, including trade promotion, research and environmental matters. She has hands-on understanding of EU institutions and how they work. In her present position with EPF Mrs. Melegari has co-operated with EOS in organizing joint promotional activities like the Wood Action Days and the Club du Bois meetings. Together with EOS, she has closely worked on the definition of the ECAMOB raw material committee.
Mrs. Melegari is highly motivated to take the role of Secretary General of EOS and supporting the sawmilling industry as well as addressing its opportunities and challenges. “The current European legislative framework might offer to the sawmill industries good opportunities for enhancing their competitiveness and promoting wood as key material for fighting climate change. Nevertheless conceptual and technical barriers still persist” says Mrs. Melegari. “All over the Europe the challenges are similar; availability of raw material, increasing competition from third Countries and challenges of the European wide standardization. Timber is the only truly renewable and sustainable building material - recyclable, bio-degradable and far more energy-efficient than other materials. When forests are properly managed, they can provide a continuing supply of timber reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating global warming. It is therefore necessary to convince our policy makers to enhance the use of wood products in buildings and as everyday material.”
Silvia was elected to lead and represent the EOS organization to effectively renew and develop the European sawmilling business environment. We were looking for a person that has a suitable expertise in global forest industry including marketing and innovation management. “Mrs. Melegari fills all these requirements, spiced with strong grip to move things forward," says EOS President and CEO of Norvik Timber Industries Sampsa J. Auvinen.
Mr. Auvinen stated to be very satisfied with the transparent recruitment process and the overall result. Furthermore, he believes that her recruitment will enhance and enforce the good co-operation between EOS and EPF. “The whole board of EOS was involved in the selection process and we were able to hire the new Secretary General from a representative group of highly qualified candidates. With Mrs. Melegari, EOS was able to acquire the services of a true EU professional who will guarantee that the business-minded lobbying work in the association continues”.

About EOS
The European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) is a Brussels-based non-profit association representing the interests of the European sawmilling sector and the benefits of its products. The collective expertise of EOS’s members provides a unique source of information both for and on the industry; coordinating essential exchanges of experience and knowledge among its members, the ability to provide technical assistance to legislators and to identify independent experts on specific issues.
Through its member countries EOS represents some 35.000 sawmills in 13 countries across Europe manufacturing sawn boards, timber frames, glulam, decking, flooring, joinery, fencing and several other wood products. Together they represent 75% of the total European sawn wood output and a turnover of almost 34 billion EUR, creating over 259.000 job opportunities annually in the EU.
For more information, contact: Mr Sampsa J. Auvinen, EOS President, Tel. +371 28631100, E-mail:

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