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components / hardware

13 September 2022


Cabaxis drawer boxes and components are product a second-generation cabinet shop in Western Kentucky. We’ve been produce high quality cabinets for years, and now you can get the same high level of craftsmanship at the lowest price on the market. Buying wholesale Cabaxis drawer boxes and cabinets couldn’t be easier. You can customize every aspect of the boxes and even upload an order list if needed. Utilizing our drawer boxes will save you time and expenses, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your craft.

The Story
Phillip Crabtree II is the owner of Cabaxis, and this is his story: After graduating college, I began working in my father’s cabinet shop with much enjoyment and satisfaction. I worked 11 to 12 hours a day, six days a week to preserve the well-known reputation the 25-year old shop had developed in the community because of our skillful dedication and attention-to-detail. About three years into my new career, I grew frustrated because it seemed that the shop could never get ahead, and I realized that my work owned me and left me neglecting the important things in my personal life. One morning I began praying for guidance. Specifically, I prayed that I could be a better Christ-follower, husband, son, friend, and employee. During those quiet moments, I was given an idea that would not only allow me to be a craftsman but would help me become something more – a profitable businessman. This idea would provide the financial margin and time to do the important things that living, breathing people are supposed to do. I convinced my father to invest in equipment which, together with the new idea and the software we created, catapulted me into a career-and-life-changing journey. Today, with an amazing team, our shop has grown into an industry-changing solutions company that has garnered international innovation awards and US patents. With this success, we have brought our system, called Cabaxis, to many shops nationwide. It has become a crucial cornerstone in their operations, allowing them the same margin in their lives that I desperately desired and now experience. The Cabaxis team would love the opportunity to meet you and hear your story.
Together we can be the best artisans and business owners that we can be. Please reach out to us to learn how the solutions of Cabaxis can restore the excitement, freedom, and passion to the cabinet-building community. Our customer service team will ensure you get exactly what you need each time you order.
For more information contact Mr Phillip Crabtree II, Owner:

2400 Calhoun Road
KY-42301 OWENSBORO / Kentucky / Usa
Ph. +1 270 4997193