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components / hardware

12 June 2018


SISCO SISTEM LINE, a leading company in the hardware business, has been standing in the market for 30 years, building up a reliable and meaningful experience in the manufacturing and selling of sliding systems for furniture and doors. The wide range of products, the prompt adaptability to the customer’s needs and the steady lookout for new designing solutions make SISCO SISTEM LINE an ideal partner for the furniture industry requirements and also for the wholesalers and retailers specificness. The company was lately handed down to the second generation of the founder family and moved to a definitely wider and well-equipped building. This will lead to a further development of the company potential, either reinforcing its considerable place in the hardware sector or strengthtening its sales network in the Italian market.

Why to innovate?

Innovation is a challenge that needs to be tackled by large and small companies alike, today and in the near future, to ensure their on-going and growing expansion with the required level of effectiveness and efficiency. Organizations that only passively react to changes run the great risk of losing their competitiveness. Our company is fully aware of the fast and on-going changes affecting the industry and, in order to keep abreast of the times, in the last few years has strived to introduce the concept of innovation at different levels: to achieve this goal, the company has designed innovative products, able to develop usable yet effective technology, as well as to ensure good value for money. This entailed a re-think and the expansion of its sales network through the strategic acquisition of new agents and retailers in emerging markets and the restructuring of the company’s current network with a more widespread and effective coverage. Part of this innovation process was also the development of an effective and well thought out communication strategy that led to a renewed company image through a total rebranding operation including, for example, the design of a new packaging, more suitable for the requirements of an increasingly more diversified customer base, the restyling of an outdated company logo, the revamping of advertising and marketing policies to ensure a more effective market penetration.
For more information contact Mr Giorgio GHezzi:

Sisco Sistem Line Srl
Via Milano 8
I-20816 Ceriano Laghetto / Monza-Brianza / Italy
Ph. +39 02 9660826