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22 May 2023


Siberian plywood mill is a part of the woodworking group. The goals and objectives of the company can be expressed as production of high-quality plywood panels. Manufacturing is located in Siberia in the vicinity of high-quality raw materials and it has all the resources for large-scale production. Production at the Siberian Plywood Mill allows optimal conditions for the price / quality ratio. The product's quality is a priority for us. Owing to attraction of highly qualified specialists and availability of the most modern technology line, we are able to control all the production cycles and to get consistent, high quality products with competitive price.

The products of Siberian Plywood Mill fully complies with Sanitary and hygienic requirements and it's safe for human health. Produced from hardwood (birch). Siberian Plywood Mill today is: professional timber processing technology / realization of non-standard orders / the latest equipment complex designed for high productivity / Full-scale work aimed at expanding the range of products.
The concept of our work is based on close interaction with the customer, individual approach and high-quality raw materials.

Production: Laminated plywood Laminated plywood is a high quality birch FSF plywood covered with paper impregnated with resins, which in the process of production acquires the properties of a protective film.
The edges of the plywood are painted with special water-borne acrylate-based paint with low water permeability made in Finland.
Widely used in the construction industry and in the manufacture of vehicles.

Quickly mounted and easy to process. Advantages: High wear resistance / Resistance to aggressive agents, including chemicals / Increased moisture resistance / Stability / Surface hardness / Resistance to temperature changes: from -40°C to +50°C / Wide choice of thicknesses and sizes.

For more information contact Mr Alexander Larin:

RU-630001 ZARINSK / Russia
Tel. + 7 383 3631013