29 May 2018


Siero Group is the living history of a family business and for the last four generations has been dedicated to the timber industry. Even though Maderas Siero was born in 1982 and Siero Lam in 1995, to understand its true essence, values and commitment we have to go back 60 years.

In 1934 the Asturian miners went on strike, known as the "huelgona", which would result in the Revolution of 34. The miner José María Martínez was forced to seek alternative work to feed his family. He began hauling wooden beams for mines with an oxcart, to later work in timber and its transport. After years of hard work, he bought a sawmill and a small truck, where all of his children have worked.
In the year 67, Pachu and Pepín, Jose Maria´s son´s and Pedro Martínez (grandson), created the society Francisco Martinez Garcia S.A. and moved the sawmill to Grao. The improvement of the infrastructure was a key point for the development of the company. Initially they sawed all typed of timber, but eventually they specialized in chestnut wood. Later on, Pachu´s two daughters, Adelina and Martina Martínez joined the business. After changing the companies location several times, in 1982 they finally settled in Cuetos and created Maderas Siero S.A. society, as it is known today.
Since then, the company has continued to grow, innovate and look outwards to other cities. Thus began opening its market expansion in the rest of Spain and Portugal, becoming a reference in Chestnut wood. In the 90's they decided to take a step forward in the vertical integration of the company, with the creation of Siero Lam S.A., factory of glued laminated products, being pioneers in Spain. In this new phase, the 3rd generation joins the company and they are conveyed the spirit of innovation, determination and a deep respect for the profession.
The group Siero has established itself as the largest specialized group of chestnut wood in Europe. The passion and commitment has led to continuous improvements in all areas of the company, and is the foundation for its current success.

For more information contact Mr Alexandre Martinez:
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E-33188 ARGUELLES / Asturias / Spain
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