SVEZA RUSSIA: the Leader company produces 1.2 million m3/year of plywood

29 March 2018

SVEZA RUSSIA: the Leader company produces 1.2 million m3/year of plywood

SVEZA Group, the world leader in birch plywood manufacturing, has launched a new product: - SVEZA Parquet plywood. The new product is available in two versions. SVEZA Parquet Standard and SVEZA Parquet Premium. SVEZA is the first company among plywood manufacturers to offer parquet producers a special-purpose product that completely satisfies their key requirements (optimum moisture level, tight thickness tolerance, and superior strength properties).

SVEZA has been supplying plywood to parquet manufacturers for a long time already; however, the production previously took place per individual orders. “We analyzed the needs of engineered flooring producers and came to the conclusion that we could combine them in a separate, special-purpose product” − says Natalya Bugayskaya, Furniture/Interior segment manager. SVEZA Parquet Standard plywood is made of 100% birch raw materials and satisfies the key requirements of parquet manufacturers. The new product is produced using WBP glue, and complies with the stringent requirements for thickness (±0.2 mm tolerance) and moisture content (5–9%). The product is supplied in bundles wrapped in film and covered with a plywood facing on top.
SVEZA Parquet Premium plywood is intended for luxury engineered flooring producers who require the ultimate quality of the parquet base. The product has superior bonding strength (internal bonding strength test results) 1.75 MPa). This is achieved by using selected veneers with minimum defects for the inner layers of the plywood. “Luxury parquet is used in major image-building projects where any defect can lead to significant financial and reputation losses. To guarantee our customers a high quality product, SVEZA performs regular tests developed in cooperation with parquet manufacturers,” − says Natalya Bugayskaya. This approach is especially valued by foreign customers. “For 15 years, the SVEZA Group has demonstrated a high quality of plywood and service,” − comments Francesco Marinacci representing the Margaritelli company (Italy), a premium parquet manufacturer. “With the Sveza Parquet Baltic birch substrate Heppner Hardwoods has reduced its QC rejects by 50% and has increased throughput significantly due to Sveza’s extremely tight tolerances and consistency. When it comes to flatness, consistent thickness and moisture content, we have found nothing else comes close. Sveza Parquet calibrated Baltic birch plywood has helped Heppner Hardwoods make the best engineered hardwood flooring in the world” - adds Brent Heppner, the Export/Import Manager at MJB Wood Group, Inc. The use of SVEZA Parquet plywood ensures both best performance of the finished product and lower manufacturing costs. Today, SVEZA branded products are used by such parquet manufacturers as Heppner (USA), Parkett Herter (Germany), Mopar (Croatia), Mardegan Legno (Hungary), and FB Hout (Netherlands). SVEZA Parquet plywood became the sixth new product in the company’s product portfolio. Earlier, SVEZA introduced to the market such products as SVEZA Deck 350 , SVEZA Gas , SVEZA Color , SVEZA Paint , and SVEZA Titan.
Company plans call for the annual launch of new branded products, based on end-users’ requirements, to the market.
SVEZA Group Background
SVEZA Group a Russian company, is a world-renowned leader in the birch plywood market because produces with 7 factories 1,000,000 m3/Year. SVEZA products are trusted by customers in 70 countries on five continents. SVEZA is the No. 1 supplier in Russia in the area of monolithic construction.
The company has been operating in Russia since 1997. Since that time, SVEZA has dramatically upgraded and extended its manufacturing facilities, using cutting-edge technologies and equipment. SVEZA is creating modern workplaces in regions of Russia where dynasties of experience masters are working.
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