COTREFOR ranks among the Congolese leaders of the timber industry

29 May 2017

COTREFOR ranks among the Congolese leaders of the timber industry

With over 500,000 Ha forests, two primary processing plants, a parquetry unit and a carpentry unit. We are a very dynamic transport and forest exploitation company. We have two logging concessions as main source of supply. Through our own fleet, both on land and river we manage all the transport logistics for our wood.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to perform all processing stages up to the finished product. Our company was able to evolve and take new directions in order to adapt to the growing requirements to ensure the sustainability of our forestry, to constantly increase the quality of our products and guarantee our competitiveness on the markets. We now have over 10 years experiences in the wood sector. We aim for excellence in our products and consequently constantly invest in training for our employees and the improvement of our work tools. We rely for that on partners whose expertise is internationally recognized. Our strength lies in the integration of all activities from harvest of raw material to export of products. We can meet delivery deadlines and adapt our production flows so as to ensure a smooth supply to our customers. The sustainable management of our forests matters to us. Our logging operations are carried out in order to ensure the sustainability of the forest and its biodiversity.
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Avenue of Port 2 District Sicotra
Lokali City of N'Sele
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Ph. 00242 243 813018314