Photo Datalignum taken at Ligna Fair
Photo Datalignum taken at Ligna Fair

11 March 2021


For more than 30 years, Pallmann refiners have proven their reliable operation in MDF and HDF plants worldwide, easy maintainability as well as production at lowest energy and cost level. As a logical consequence of technological and production capacity development, Pallmann has launched its new ECO Advanced Refiner series available up to the size of 72”. The combination of a multitude of design features defines the standard in operational economy, availability and lowest maintenance cost.

-The new high efficiency plug screw feeder with its customized design, highest chip compression and maximized dewatering capabilities improves dryer control as well as efficiency.
-The completely new designed grinding housing, combined with a finetuned steam injection and differential pressure control, minimizes energy dissipation and undesired power fluctuations thus improving fiber consistency and energy efficiency. State of the art computerized fluid dynamic modelling gives a deep inside understanding of fiber flow and guarantees the result.
-The digester outfeed and refiner infeed screw which are arranged at the same level facilitate even chip feeding to the refining zone, thus saves electrical re-fining energy and minimizes plate friction.
-The unique Pallmann bearing design compensates the highest axial thrust and allows the production of calibrated fiber, especially important for furniture and moulding qualities.
The special bearing design assures the most precise gap control and freedom to optimize the process without unnecessary restrictions of the machine design.
-The solid design of the machine housing and rotating elements are a precondition for the utmost precision and parallelism of the plate gap.
-The forward thinking mechanical design, in combi-nation with the comprehensive process control equipment, allows that technology determines the machine setting.
-The special design of the blow valve assures constant retention time and even discharge of fibers without fiber build-up. Reliable function and longlasting internal elements are a must for the Pallmann design engineers.
-The horizontally split housing, combined with pre-mounted grinding segments allow swift segment change and assures fiber quality from the very first minute.
-The hard faced and protected contact surfaces, in combination with maintenance minded solutions in every detail, define the standard for availability and durability.
The unique ECO Advanced Refiner series suits your technological requirements without limitation of machine design at lowest total cost of ownership. This is supported by ongoing and industrially proven developments of unidirectional grinding segments, optimizing fiber quality and energy efficiency.

About Pallmann
A family organization for 7 generations, started out as flour millers and mill designers. Founded in1903, the present company is a major machine manufacturer with worldwide capacities, specializing in size reduction and preparation techniques in various industries, offering more than 1,000 machine designs. The largest size reduction program of its kind fills applications for any soft through medium hard, brittle to viscoplastic and fibrous products in the wood, plastics, recycling and process technique. Pallmann employs approximately 400 experienced and highly qualified employees.

To find out more about The Pallmann Group, visit the web or contact Mr Stefan Wissing, Managing Director:

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