21 January 2021


Hymmen’s patented digital printing and structuring technologies only available via an I4F license. Significant addition to I4F’s digital printing patent cluster I4F a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced that it has entered into a patent partnership with Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, a leading global digital printing systems provider, specialized in flooring.

This new strategic partnership gives I4F exclusive licensing rights for all Hymmen’s digital printing patents and technologies for flooring production, including Hymmen’s award winning Digital Lacquer Embossing (DLE) technology. This represents an important addition to I4F’s comprehensive digital printing portfolio that already includes market leading technologies from Classen, Kronospan and Benchwick. Hymmen has established itself as one of the world's leading providers of industrial digital printing for flooring and won an Interzum Red Dot Award for its patented DLE technology in 2019.
Hymmen is completely dedicated to flooring, and has provided most of the digital printing lines in the global flooring industry. More than 80% of digitally printed flooring around the world is produced using Hymmen technologies. In addition to its exclusive licensing rights, I4F will work in close collaboration with Hymmen to promote digital printing opportunities in the flooring industry and will represent Hymmen on future patent protection related issues. Historically Hymmen has maintain a strong IP position. Digital printing will play a more crucial role in the future of flooring as it enables unlimited design flexibility and can be applied to a wide range of materials. This facilitates faster response times to market demands and trends while reducing material waste. Commenting on the partnership, Dr. René Pankoke, CEO and President of Hymmen, says, “I4F is the perfect match for Hymmen as we share the same passion for innovation and continuous development within the global flooring industry. I4F is recognized as the technology leader in the flooring industry and will support us on developing and further expanding the market for digital printing. "
John Rietveldt, I4F’s CEO, adds, “The ability to produce high quality digitally printed flooring has become strategically important for the future of our industry. I4F believes that Hymmen not only has the most innovative and highest quality technologies, it also maintains a fiercely strong IP position. This latest addition to our patent cluster concept reinforces our promise to licensees to receive the world’s best, most cutting-edge technologies in the industry backed up by a robust patent protection infrastructure.”

About I4F
I4F is an innovations group focused on the development of patents and technologies for the flooring industry. Its portfolio includes IP for flooring installation and wall mounting systems, material compositions, surface treatment, digital printing as well as laminate and board production technologies. I4F has strategic partnerships with the industry’s most important IP players, including Classen, Kronospan, HMTX, UWC, Kowon, CFL Flooring, Tarkett, Kingdom Flooring, Lico, Benchwick and Quick Style Industries.
The company’s flagship technologies, 3L Triple Lock and Click4U, provide a unique one piece drop-lock installation technique for flooring panels that eliminates the need for an additional insert on the short side. The solution is suitable for laminate, luxury vinyl tiles, expanded polymer core, solid polymer core and wooden flooring panels. International patents and patent applications for I4F’s technologies have been granted and filed in over 100 countries worldwide.

About Hymmen
Since 1892, the Hymmen name has been synonymous with high-quality innovative plant and machinery construction tailored to match the very individual requirements of its customers. Hymmen has its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. This is where we develop designs and technologies that help improve the efficiency of industrial production processes around the globe. With some 200 employees worldwide, we take on investment projects for customers from a broad spectrum of business sectors. The focus: production technology for the large-scale production of panel materials and the surface finishing of panel and web materials.

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