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02 February 2023


The vision is to strengthen leadership position in areas of robotics and automation on territory of Serbia and to expand our activities on the European and world markets with recognized and competitive solutions. ICM Electronics offers its clients the best solutions in areas of robotic packing, palletizing and welding, as well as in the area of automation of processes, with one aim of making our customer more profitable and competitive on the market.

The politics guides us to offer our clients the greatest value through:
• Work of systems without service
• Quick return on investment
• Extended mean time between repairs.
Our solutions are synonymous for: reliability, stability and repeatability. ICM Electronics produced and installed robot line for palletizing of veneers/lamellas. Robotic line consists of robot with multifunctional gripper, conveyor for veneer blocks, pallet conveyor and magazine for plastic battens. Since it is needed to put on pallet veneers and plastic battens, ICM made a palletizer with multifunctional gripper which can pick up veneers of different dimensions as well as different number of battens. Lenght of veneers varies from 800 to 2600mm, while width of veneers varies 110 to 300mm.
Number of battens placed onto a pallet depends on lenghts of veneers. The longer the veneer, more battens needs to be placed onto a pallet.
Width of pallet is always 1100mm and system calculates automatically how many veneers can fit onto a pallet. It is only needed for operator to enter into the machine width and lenght of veneers and system will calculate and set up automatically number of veneers that onto a pallet, space between veneers and number of battens needed. It is also needed for operators to fill in magazine with battens before start of machine. Depending on lenght of veneer, magazine releases needed number of battens onto a conveyor which brings battens to the robot automatically. Once battens are in front of the robot, robot would pick them up and place them onto a pallet. Veneer conveyors together with system for veneer transfer form a 1100mm wide layer of veneer blocks. Veneer conveyors bring layer of veneer blocks to the robot. Robot picks up all veneers from the layer of blocks and puts them onto a pallet. In this way, pallet is ready for drying process. Capacity of the line depends on width of veneers. The narrower veneer, robot can pick up more veneers per cycle.
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