Fezer Veneer Dryer uses the most advanced veneer drying technology with the state of the art in aerodynamics, thermal and mechanical engineering.
Fezer Veneer Dryer uses the most advanced veneer drying technology with the state of the art in aerodynamics, thermal and mechanical engineering.

17 July 2019


In 1948 the German immigrant Gerhard Fezer started the company Fezer Reinehr Cia Ltda producing wood pulp equipment and repairing and constructing of sawmill machinery. After few years the company changed the name to Fezer, Telöken & Cia Ltda and at the end of 50’s was already producing equipment for wood veneer and plywood production.

An important milestone came in 1958 when the first peeling lathe was produced and 1964 with the first veneer slicer. In 1974 a technology transference partnership was established with one of the biggest machinery producers in Europe and new factory was built and inaugurated where the company is nowadays located and the name was changed to Fezer S.A Indústrias Mecânica. Still in 1974 the first peeling lathe with European technology was delivered.
In 1976 the first exportation to Bolivia and 1978 the company was already crossing the ocean with overseas deliveries in Hungary, Fiji Island and Senegal. In 1988 a new plant and a new office were built, totaling around 20,000 m² in an area over than 25 hectares, consolidating Fezer’s position as the most important supplier of machines for wood veneer in the local market and among the biggest world manufacturers in its segment with products sold in all continents and in important markets such as Russia, USA, Canada, China, New Zealand, Finland and several European countries. In 2011 the company launched the mobile chippers line, expanding its product range dedicated to wood biomass production and wood industry waste treatment. In 2015 another large step, Fezer has joined with the Russian company Power Machines OJSC changing its name to Power Machines Fezer Industry Mechanical S/A.
Power Machines (http://www.power-m.ru) is a global power engineering company – one of the world’s top-ten industry leaders in terms of installed-equipment volume. Boast a wealth of experience and expertise in the engineering-design, manufacturing and supply of equipment sets for thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants. The company’s core competency and competitive advantage lie in its handling of complex turn-key projects in the electrical power field.
With this partnership, Power Machines Fezer Indústria Mecânica S/A expands its products family offering a complete line of machines for wood veneer production and also modern and highly-efficient solutions for thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants. During its whole history the company had focused its efforts to product quality, customer and employees’ development and satisfaction, once they are the main company power and reason for the successful.
For more information contact Mr Fernando Fezer, Managing Director:

Rua Gerhard Fezer 865
BR-89500-000 CACADOR SC / Brazil
Ph. +55 49 35612222
E-mail: fezer@pmfezer.com.br