PC-Based Control: the universal control platform for woodworking.
PC-Based Control: the universal control platform for woodworking.

02 April 2020


With PC-Based Control technology, Beckhoff offers an open and universal automation solution for almost all industries.
Besides Industrial PCs, I/Os and fieldbus components, as well as drive technology and the TwinCAT automation software, the range of products encompasses a uniform, scalable and modular control system. This control system provides suitable solutions for any task with regard to computing performance, complexity and costs.

Add value through system integration: the 10 automation highlights. Beckhoff exhibited the complete tool chain of PC-based control technology for optimized woodworking machines. The aim: simple controllability of all functions though simplified engineering.
In addition to that, be numerous new highlights, such as system-integrated image processing via TwinCAT Vision. At the same time Beckhoff demonstrated how competitive advantages can be directly achieved through real-time machine learning with TwinCAT 3.

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