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NTL Formaldehyde plant reactors.
NTL Formaldehyde plant reactors.

28 October 2022


NTL Chemical Consulting is a Licensing Resin Technology Provider of formaldehyde based resins for wood based panels such as: Particleboard (PB), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Plywood (PLY), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Paper Impregnation, etc. and for engineered wood such as: Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Glulam.

Arriving at the correct approach to determine which resin formulation is best suited to a particular application, is the secret of NTL’s performance. With over 30 years of worldwide experience we offer panel producers tailor-made resins according to their exact production conditions for meeting their precise specifications. In NTL, we see customers as business partners. We are committed to their success. By our definition, an appreciative customer is the mark of a successful company. In return for investing in us, our customers get to share our wealth of experience and innovative thinking as well as our guarantee of regular and reliable supply of high quality products. NTL Chemical Consulting is located at Thessaloniki Technology Park and has a modern and new equipped laboratory.
TL’s strength is its R & D / Located at Thessaloniki Technology Park, NTL has a modern and new equipped laboratory / R&D focuses in developing new innovative & cost effective products meeting our customers’ specific requirements & market demand / Developing & upgrading continuing and ongoing resin formulations / Turning innovative ideas to realizable value-added solutions / Couscous of environmental responsibility.
We offer a versatile, high-performing know-how portfolio of amino and phenolic resins for different applications in wood based panel and engineered wood industry. We consult to the application of these resins in manufacturing Particleboard (Chipboard), MDF, Plywood, OSB, Paper Impregnation, LVL and Wood Hardening. NTL’s resin technologies meet the most stringent European, American and Japanese Standards: E1, Ε0.5, CARB-II (CARB Phase 2), E0 (F***), Super E0 (F****) at the most cost effective manner. Your benefits with NTL’s resin technologies and services : Reduce glue consumption, increase productivity, high bonding performance and sustainable board production. Support NTL focuses on providing on-going support Service, Quality & Efficiency which is the basis of our fundamental principle. Our technical experts, with their skills, knowledge & over 30 years of global experience provide customers continuous technical support which includes:
New resin technologies & ideas according to the trends & market needs of our Customers / Training our Customers staff, at their R & D and Resin plants, as well as application work of our technology according to our Customers wood panel production processes / Troubleshooting and ongoing technical support, consisting of new cost-efficient resin technology development, upgrading, optimization as they occur, focusing on our Customer’s production quality and capacity efficiency / Creating value and profitability to our Customers production operations NTL is committed and will continue working in close cooperation with our customers worldwide in providing them even higher levels of resin technology efficiency combined with the best quality technical service available to meet the challenging needs ahead. Engineering Apart from NTL’s wide range of resin technologies, it also provides through its strong association of International experienced partner network, complete Engineering Services for the construction & operation of Resins Plants of different sizes. NTL’s service includes: Complete process technology, Engineering design services, Procurement, Technical assistance, Supervision & complete training to Customer’s plant personnel for the construction of Resins plants.

For more information contact Ing. Nikos Pargianas, Managing Director:

Thessaloniki Technology Park 6 Km. Charilaou–Thermi Road
GR- 570 01 THERMI Thessaloniki, Greece / Tel. +30 2310 498450 / Fax. +30 2310 498449 / E-mail: