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01 November 2019


Founded in the Black Forest in 1878, you will now find DOLL Fahrzeugbau on the road the world over. We provide technically superior vehicles for discerning markets in the timber transport, heavy haulage, ground support equipment and public authority business sectors. We know where we come from, where we stand and where we want to go.

The company is an invaluable employer and an enrichment for the region. This is where the parent plant is located and where the engineers who undertake research and development for our vehicles work. The specialists who help us to ensure the quality of our products also come from here. This is also where we train our young employees who will shape the company and our products for the long term. We are pleased to impress you with our expertise and know-how. No matter what type of timber you wish to transport, DOLL has precisely the right vehicle: long timber vehicles for long, heavy timber up to 22 metres long, short timber vehicles for timber lengths between two and six metres and semi-trailers for combined transport of long and short timber or cut wood.
For tropical timber, DOLL supplies off-road timber transport which are optimally suited to extreme climatic conditions and poor road conditions in the areas of use. All vehicle types consist of a traction unit with a superstructure and a towed unit, such as a trailer, self-steering trailer or semi-trailer.
DOLL superstructures are bolted onto the traction unit frame using a sub-frame while naturally also complying with truck manufacturers' superstructure guidelines. Vehicles can be configured to meet application- or client-specific requirements thanks to the wide variety of vehicle variants and options for attachment parts, such as bolsters, stanchions and front boards. The DOLL Engineering team are constantly developing superstructures further, particularly regarding function and vehicle weight optimization.
For more information contact:

*DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH. Contact Mrs Katharina Luchner, Communication & Marketing:
  Industriestrasse 13 / D-77728 OPPENAU, Germany / Tel. +49 7804 490 / Fax: +49 7804 49115 / E-mail: 

*DOLL Sachsen GmbH
  Gewerbegebiet Nord 12 / D-09456 MILDENAU, Germany / Tel. +49 3733 672120 / Fax +49 7804 497559 E-mail:
*DOLL AMERICA INC. 522. Contact Mr Michel Arnau, Sales Manager:
  Pedricktown Rd. / NJ-08014 BRIDGEPORT, New Jersey / Usa / Tel. +1 866 8063634 / Fax +1 856 2417355 / E-mail: