11 June 2018


Concerned about its environment, Elsa Profil is a company who strives to be socially responsible. In the field, pursuing these social and environmental ethics is manifested at all levels, from product design until delivery, with in between manufacturing and taking employee well-being into account. Among the actions implemented, we can mention:

-Certification FSC MIX SQS-COC-101053 (license: FSC C 120000) since March 2014.  
-Compliance with standards E1 or Carb II* for panels : CARB II panels are particle boards validated by the 
- -Californian agency for the protection of the environment and have very low CO2 emissions  
-Recovery of wood waste from production as combustible materials for the heating system 
-Increasing the supply of natural light in the production hall  
-Drastic improvement in the building’s energy performance  
-Improvement in the wood dust vacuum system  
The agency has initiated public health and environmental protection programs, which entail the most drastic requirements in the world with regards to reducing CO2 emissions. As such, the CARB II panels have reached the world’s lowest rate in formaldehyde content, with 4 mg per 100 g of dry matter, instead of the 8 mg tolerated by the E1 class standard. Located in France, near Strasbourg, Elsa Profil is specialised in design and manufacturing of wrapped profiles and narrow pieces. It offers products « Made in Alsace » for deliveries in France and in the rest of Europe. The skills that were developed here for the furniture industry are perpetuated and enriched with new innovations. The company is committed to a socially responsible approach.  
This results, on the one hand, in the decision to work within the framework of FSC Mix certification for management of its raw materials. On the other, the links forged with local and international partners are intended to be lasting. Elsa Profil has FSC certification MIX SQS-COC-101053 (license number: 120000 FSC C) since March 2014. Elsa Profil’s various wooden profiles are made from materials that offer a wide variety of possibilities :  
• Solid wood panels : this noble material can be transformed easily and can be embellished in different ways • Particle boards : these are panels made from particles of wood (large chips, wood shavings, sawdust, etc.) bonded organically or with minerals ;  
• MDF panels : this is medium density fibreboard made with synthetically bonded wood fibres ; 
• HDF panels : This is a material, like MDF, comprised of fibres. It is agglomerated at an even higher pressure and provides it with high density.  
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Ph. +33 388 494969 / E-mail: info@elsa-profil.com