Dr. Ralf Becker (center), his son Gerrit (left) and Mario Heiming/Head of production and human resources.
Dr. Ralf Becker (center), his son Gerrit (left) and Mario Heiming/Head of production and human resources.

22 December 2017


Gerrit Becker and Mario Heiming ensure business succession with continuity Managing Director Dr. Ralf Becker to retire from January 2018.

At the turn of the year, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of moulded wood and chairs components, Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG from Brakel, Germany, will complete its long-term planned change of generations. On 31 December 2017, Dr. Ralf Becker (65) resigns from his job after 35 years as managing director of the company, which he led in the third generation. In the future he will dedicate himself only to special tasks in the company development. As the main shareholder, he still remains closely associated with the company though. Fritz Becker GmbH & Co. KG produces moulded wood and form fleece for the international furniture industry. With 300 employees at the site in Brakel and 400 employees at the site in Gherla, Romania, superior components with high added value are produced. The company enjoys an excellent reputation not only among its customers, but also among renowned designers from home and abroad. Many furniture classics would be hard to imagine without the company Becker. The company was founded by Fritz Becker in Brakel in 1936.
Together with four plywood wholesalers, they started out as a factory for plywood boards. Under the direction of Gerdt Becker, the company began to concentrate more and more on the production of plywood mouldings. This was in the 1950s. In a smooth change, Günter Schwarz, who retired in 2001, and Dr. Ralf Becker led the business to its present significance. The shareholders have always put great emphasis on the fact that the company should be continued and developed like a family business. With Gerrit Becker and Mario Heiming, the company has already gained two young executives since mid-2014. Gerrit Becker returned to his home country after completing his master's degree in business administration and spending several years with a well-known car manufacturer. He is responsible for marketing and sales. Mario Heiming, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Master of Engineering and MBA in business management, contributes his experience as a technical director at a manufacturer for office and home furniture to his areas: production and human resources. He has been with the company for three years. The two new managing directors complement each other perfectly, both professionally and personally. The managing team has great plans. Becker wants to grow continually in the coming years. This is to be realized through the development and sales competence in the respective sales regions, through the development of new products as well as through the expansion of the contact with international designers and the international supplier network. In doing so, the management aims to further expand the location in Brakel and create additional jobs for it. About Becker: As a specialist for the production of individual wood components, Becker has been on the market for over 80 years.
Recently, the new, sound-absorbing material form fleece has also been part of the program.
Founded in 1936, the company has its headquarters in Brakel in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is where over 19,000 square meters of moulded wood components are developed and manufactured. Of these, around 40 percent are exported abroad. Becker employs almost 700 people at two locations and has several agencies abroad. Its customers include the international furniture industry, the automotive industry and the interior design industry.
For more information contact Mr Joachim Schelper, Head of development:

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