23 July 2016


Innovation and technical progress are essential elements for any company seeking success in the wood-based panels sector. They lie at the heart of our bi-annual Wood-Based Panel Symposium. Reporting on new technologies, stimulating an exchange of experiences and alerting delegates to future challenges are exactly the key ambitions of the two days session.

This year marks the 10th edition of our Symposium, which over the course of 20 years has evolved from a regional and European gathering into a global forum that today addresses the issues that will shape the future of the wood-based panel industry. Our partnership, with the industrial support and sponsorship of first ExxonMobil and now Sasol Wax, continues to ensure the professionalism and ever-growing significance of this event.
The most recent advances in research and technology are presented in the context of markets, and fundamental issues ranging from adhesion to raw material supply and environmental impact are analyzed and discussed. The expectations of our partners and customers are high. We strive to meet and exceed them. This year we have again been fortunate to attract a great number of experienced and knowledgeable speakers who will present an exciting range of topics. They will cover a broad range of issues that the wood-based panel industry is facing. The competition between energy and material use of natural resources still presents a dilemma that our industry faces. The need for wood products is enormous and is expects to follow population growth as well as the development of GDP around the world. The growing pressure on our natural resources is a global issue and this industry is a global one with the responsibility to utilize these resources efficiently and wisely, while providing its customers with quality and safe products in a profitable manner.
We certainly hope that this conference will contribute to the profitability of our industry by facilitating the flow of ideas, information, and fruitful discussions, and by developing lasting partnerships. We look forward to your energetic and highly appreciated participation.

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