The Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai/ United Arab Emirates, 30 April-2 May 2013.

12 March 2013

The Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai/ United Arab Emirates, 30 April-2 May 2013.

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM is an initiative from UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade) has reached new heights as its second edition witnessed record participation from countries around the globe and its quality rich programme attracted high profile attendance from the regional and international investment and trade communities. AIM 2012 accomplished concrete and tangible results as sizeable transactions were realized translating into millions of dollars of new development projects and an array of newly concluded MoUs and cooperation agreements.
AIM 2012 proved to be a productive and fruitful terrain for new business ventures, strategic alliances and new partnerships. 
Today, AIM is a well-established international event, well placed to cater to the needs of fast growing developing economies. While the world continues to grapple with one of the most severe economic crisis, with high unemployment rates, mounting sovereign debt and limited economic growth in mature markets, Emerging Markets continue to grow and are leading the FDI recovery. AIM proves to be the right formula allowing the developing world to display their strengths and promote greater interaction and exchanges. The United Arab Emirates, a country with unprecedented and continuous growth, is the host of choice and initiator of this important event.
In view of the fundamental shifts that are taking place at the world level defining a new international economic landscape on one hand and the current dismal world economic situation which, seems to prevail slowly impacting growth prospects in the developing world on the other hand, the third edition of AIM will focus on the theme of the future face of globalisation and its implications on foreign direct investment and the development prospects of emerging & frontier markets.
The dismal state of the world economy in 2012 with continuous uncertainties in financial markets, reduced trade prospects and global imbalances have eroded the small recovery that was taking place from the Great Recession and its effects are beginning to be felt worldwide including the developing world. The growth prospects of large emerging markets are being revised slightly downward as we witness a weakening of the economies of large emerging markets such as China, India or Brazil. Policy-makers around the globe are struggling to restore stability and confidence, devising new policies, regulatory frameworks, fiscal regimes and double taxation treaties as well as adopting generous incentive packages in order to attract increased levels of investment in a world of fierce competition. Indeed, a myriad of new policies are emerging to foster investment, job creation and competitiveness in line with development strategies. They are policies that support strong, sustainable and balanced growth by reducing global imbalances and promoting international development.
What are the policy responses to reignite economic growth and stimulate investment and trade? What are recent trends in fiscal and regulatory regimes that are successful, policy incentives that work, investment promotion strategies with tangible results, the new determinants of foreign direct investment and new motives of international companies? The importance of sovereign wealth funds is increasing as they hold sizeable capital and represent very significant sources of investment, not only for infrastructure projects and public works, but also for productive sectors. What are the investment policies, strategies and objectives of SWFs? These are some of the questions we will be asking at AIM 2013 as well as shed more light on investment opportunities in specific high growth regions such as in Africa, the new frontier or Asia, the world pole of economic growth. A special focus will be made on investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates including inward and outward investment with the exclusive participation of highflyers.
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