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09 May 2022


Past, present and future of forests in the UNECE region and beyond Background Successful, sustainable forest management, sustainable development and global forest goals require systematic data and the understanding of their implications for future management. Broad, integrated information systems that monitor the state and trends in the forest sector are key to providing the necessary data for comprehensive regional forecasts.
These evolving trends for forest planning and management have broad implications and require regional and interdisciplinary cooperation.

About the side event
Given the abundance and significance of forest-related data, the side event will highlight two relevant approaches of how forest-sector information improves forest governance and management. While the exam- ples might be from the UNECE region, the review of the available tools, as well as upcoming global megatrends and demands, is highly relevant for future-scoping in all countries inside and outside the UNECE region.
The InForest online knowledge platform developed by the Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section provides up-to-date data on forests and the forest sector in an interactive format. This innovative hands-on tool is available for use at https://forest-data.unece.org/. The information about past and current forest conditions and their management is complemented by the recently published UNECE/FAO Forest Sector Outlook Study 2020-2040. This wide-reaching study, available at https://unece.org/forests/publications/forest-sector-outlook-study-2020-2040, guides the future planning of sustainable forests and their management and sets the scene for the larger, necessary climate actions.

For more information contact Mrs. Liliana Annovazzi-Jakab, Chief Joint Unece/FAO

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