Juha Vanhainen to continue as Chairman of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.
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27 November 2012

Juha Vanhainen to continue as Chairman of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Each industry branch must draft its own collective labour agreement during the next round of negotiations.
Juha Vanhainen, Stora Enso Oyj's Country Manager for Finland, will continue as the Chairman of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation's Executive Committee in 2013. Ilkka Hämälä, President and CEO of Metsä Fibre Oy, continues as Vice Chairman alongside new Vice Chairman, President Heikki Vappula of UPM-Kymmene Oyj.
Executive Committee members Managing Director Pekka Kopra of Versowood Oy, Chairman of the Board Olli Poutanen of ER-Saha Oy, Managing Director Sari Rämö of DS Smith Packaging Finland Oy and CEO Jouko Virranniemi of Pölkky Oy will continue their work alongside the chairman and the vice chairman.
28 representatives of Finnish Forest Industries Federation member companies were elected to serve on the Board of Directors in 2013. The new members are General Manager Heikki Mustaniemi (Georgia Pacific Nordic Oy), acting Managing Director Kari Nurmi (Billerud Finland Oy), Managing Director Tapio Pitkänen (Omatalo Oy), Managing Director Timo Rautalahti (Mondi Lohja Oy) and President Heikki Vappula (UPM-Kymmene Oyj).

Competitive barriers must be eliminated to safeguard production operations and jobs .
“Quick decisions to remove export industry barriers are now needed to protect domestic production and Finnish jobs. Finland's tax and cost base are already freezing investments into domestic manufacturing and new extra costs caused by, among other things, the Sulphur Directive's entry into force, threaten to steer forest industry production operations out of Finland,” Chairman Juha Vanhainen said at the Finnish Forest Industries Federation's autumn meeting in Helsinki today.
“Labour costs are one of the key factors that affect our competitiveness and, as the market situation is weak right now, this means that the forest industry must implement more flexible labour market solutions to reinforce our ability to compete. This also applies to other sectors like the ports, which serve the forest industry, as their pay expenses are, in part, shouldered by us. Each industry branch should conduct its own negotiations independently in the upcoming round of collective bargaining talks and the payroll costs of the public sector should also be curbed," Vanhainen pointed out.
“The price and steady availability of wood raw material likewise has a substantial impact on the competitiveness of the Finnish forest industry. An equal standing for all actors engaged in the timber and forestry service markets must be ensured. Furthermore, political decisions should encourage active and sustainable forestry measures as well as boost the supply of timber. A more entrepreneurial approach to forest ownership and effective tax incentives provide a good starting point for this,” the Chairman said.
The Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation consists of the following members in 2013:
- Managing Director Jussi Aine, Puustelli Group Oy
- CEO Arto Huurinainen,Tornator Oy
- President & CEO Ilkka Hämälä, Oy Metsä-Botnia Ab
- President & CEO Kari Jordan, Metsäliitto-konserni
- CEO Lauri Junnila, Pankaboard Oy
- Managing Director Kalle Kantola, Haapajärven Ha-Sa Oy
- CEO Jouko Karvinen, Stora Enso Oyj
- CEO Pekka Kauranen, Harvestia Oy
- Managing Director Pekka Kopra, Versowood Oy
- CEO Juha Koukka, Savon Sellu Oy
- General Manager Juha Kuusisto, Veljet Kuusisto Oy
- General Manager Heikki Mustaniemi, Georgia Pacific Nordic Oy
- Managing Director Jyri Nenonen, Kinnaskoski Oy
- Executive Vice President Kari Nikkanen, Olavi Räsänen Oy - Acting Managing Director Kari Nurmi, Billerud Finland Oy - President & CEO Jussi Pesonen, UPM-Kymmene Oyj - CEO Tapio Pitkänen, Finndomo Oy - Managing Director Olli Poutanen, ER-Saha Oy - Managing Director Kyösti Pöyry, Paperinkeräys Oy - Managing Director Timo Rautalahti, Mondi Lohja Oy - Managing Director Sari Rämö, SCA Packaging Finland Oy - Chairman of the Board Pekka Sairanen, Puusepänteollisuus ry - Mill Director Martti Savelainen, Sappi Finland I Oy - President Tuija Suur-Hamari, Kotkamills Oy - Country Manager Juha Vanhainen Stora Enso Oyj - President Heikki Vappula UPM-Kymmene Oyj - CEO Jouko Virranniemi Pölkky Oy - CEO Tomi Yli-Kyyny Vapo Oy

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