Eumabois is supporting the Russian Wood Industry
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16 November 2010

Eumabois is supporting the Russian Wood Industry

On the occasion of the recent 'Forestry Forum' in St. Petersburg, the officiating Eumabois President Mr Franz-Josef Bütfering met with the respresentative of the Russian President for the North-Western District Russia, Mr Ilja Klebanov as well as further representatives of the Russian Forestry for exchanging of views.
Mr Klebanov confirmed specifically in this conversation, to support the interests of the Russian Forestry on government level.
Eumabois President, Mr Franz-Josef Bütfering pointed out the problems of the European Woodworking Machine Manufacturers in Russia; especially the topic, release of financing and investments by the Russian banks, was discussed.
Mr Klebanov promised here also an examination of the facts and support of the government.

All parties involved agreed that the use of the large wood resources in Russia should be done by own processing and the build-up of further saw and panel plants as well as further development of the secondary industry (furniture, floors, construction of houses, etc).
The founding of an 'International Forestry Club' has been considered and discussed together with the Managing Director of the organizer of the forum 'Mr Serguey Trofimov'.