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The brothers Coskunuzer. Left, Abdullah and Tayfur. Photo Datalignum.
The brothers Coskunuzer. Left, Abdullah and Tayfur. Photo Datalignum.
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12 April 2023

TECE_Turkey, the edgebanding company.

The company is proud to announce the new production of veneer edgebanding in 3 layers.

At Tece producing and supplying veneer edgebanding alongside of plastic and melamine make the company very unique and preferable by the customers.
Veneer is a totally natural product and its production requires attention at each step. The state of art machinery helps to ease work and to be more efficient. Yet, every sheet of veneer is checked and quality controlled by the staff.
To produce 3 layers of veneer edge-banding, the production need continuous veneer rolls and laminate them together with PVA glue. The layers of veneer are put together in special lamination machine with high pressure.
The PVA glue makes the veneer roll flexible and ensure good bonding. With 3 layers laminated, the thickness is 1,5 mm. The advantage of using thick veneer edgebanding. Compared to 0,6 mm mono layer veneer, this production adds more natural feel to the furniture.
Wood furniture producers want to be as natural as possible. If they have the chance, they would use solid wood in their production; yet due to the environment reason, they cannot find enough wood for such massive production.
Thick veneer edgebanding is the best and the easiest option to reach that goal.
- Thick veneer edgebanding comes in rolls of 50 meter / 100 meters, depending on the customer requirement.
- The width can be between 20 mm and 100 mm. Is is possible to have in all species that are available in our standard specific collection: Beech, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Wenge, etc.etc.

For more information contact Mr Abdullah Coskunuzer, Sales Manager:

O.S.B. 75 Yil Bulvari 12 / TR-16110 NILUFER / Bursa / Turkey
Tel +90 224 2422100 / Fax +90 2242438525 / E-mail: