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Pep Colomer, General Manager Lamigraf Group, Photo Datalignum
Pep Colomer, General Manager Lamigraf Group, Photo Datalignum
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26 October 2015

Lamigraf at INTERMOB 2015, Istanbul / Turkey.

Lamigraf has participated at the last edition of the International INTERMOB 2015 Fair, which was held from 10th to 14th October in the city of Istanbul.

Lamigraf presented his new “INTENSO Collection 15/16” catalogue based on 16 Decorative designs and 14 Flooring designs gathered under three main trends: Be Freedom, Memory and Nature. Enric Canet, Lamigraf’s Design Manager, explains the bases of these main trend concepts: “We have an intrinsic need for change. Creating new spaces, new materials and transforming the ones that we already know. We don´t fill those spaces with real elements but with creativity, poetry, art, popular culture... places full of life and energy, that look forward, continuously reinventing themselves... We also try to establish who we are, how we are and where we come from. We recover, find new uses for our past... we recycle objects, spaces, materials, traditions... we provide them with new lives, reinventing them for new purposes. Nowadays nature fills the spaces we inhabit, cities grow more and more green and natural elements become essential in the decoration of our homes. Woods, Stones, plants, flowers, water... real elements that put us in touch with nature and with our origins.”

DECORATIVE DESIGNS Paolo Giorgio Gioacchini, Lamigraf’s Product Manager Furniture & Decoration says “The anonymous classic feeling or ‘vintage style’ that has been so dominant in interior contexts has given way to an elegant and sophisticated style with far more individuality – Memory. Mixing old and new styles together becomes the way to go. Contours are softer and the colour scheme is more discreet. The Nature world is one of the greatest influences of the coming season. Inspiration comes from the Nordic landscape with its endless views. Natural elements represent a contemporary feeling in design and form, with natural materials in furniture and permanent fittings. At the same time, we want to Be Freedom and free our imagination to experiment, to use new mixes of materials, metallic dots with a transversal pine or a new interpretation of a walnut veneer. We don't care about big cathedrals or brushed wood surfaces. We let your mind think different.”

FLOORING DESIGNS Angel Delgado, Lamigraf’s Product Manager for Flooring considers that “styles come and go, and flooring is no exception. The right flooring creates the perfect base for any room. It can serve as a focal point or supporting role to a decoration style, and the three main concepts that we present will fulfil any trendy expectation. Nature comprises those clean, easy designs which with their authentic look and light colours recall the so-called “Scandinavian Style”. Memory gathers our designs made out of reclaimed wood. Their visible knots and interesting graining provide a natural look and add an authentic rougher feeling to the floor.

They exemplify the fact that knots are not a defect, but add a kind of warmth and natural beauty difficult to find in other styles of flooring. Our more radical “design” ideas are represented in our Be Freedom trend, offering new suggestions of outstanding décors for those with a more selective individual taste.”

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