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HOLZMA revolutionizes the cutting process.
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16 June 2015

HOLZMA revolutionizes the cutting process.

Just a few weeks before Ligna, Holzma has announced that it will be launching a world-first in Hanover that will revolutionize the cutting process in order-related manufacturing the HPS 320 flexTec. In this smart cutting cell, the German company has implemented a concept that takes part transfer in customized production to a completely new level and allows fully automated processes. This saves time and material, thus reducing costs. Both in craft businesses and industry, batch size 1 production is experiencing a rapidly increasing demand on the part of customers, and this is posing major manufacturing challenges for producers. The main cause for this lies in production runs that were originally designed for maximum efficiency in mass production. With the new HPS 320 flexTec, Holzma has taken a radically different approach and will be presenting a cutting concept tailored to batch size 1 production according to customer specifications.

Fully automated processes on a small footprint
The HPS 320 flexTec completes individual cutting processes in mass production style without manual handling, extremely fast and efficiently. This is achieved by fully automated cycles and a revolutionary part transfer system that is individually tailored to the respective production process and the material to be cut. Other features include a small footprint and a low maintenance requirement, which results in significantly higher availability.

Recuts unlimited
The numerous recuts needed up to now presented a major challenge. The individual parts had to be temporarily stored and repeatedly fed to the saw. This takes up time, causes higher costs and disrupts production processes again and again. The only alternative was to accept considerable limitations in cutting patterns and more waste. That is all history since the arrival of the new HPS 320 flexTec. This new development can complete multiple re-cuts fully automatically, flexibly and without limitations. This is only possible thanks to a new part transfer system that HOLZMA will be presenting for the first time at Ligna.

Substantially less waste
One of the main factors driving costs in batch size 1 production was sub-optimal material yield. The HPS 320 flexTec will now put an end to that, too. Thanks to intelligent, fully automatic processes, the world-first is able to reduce the amount of waste incurred in batch size 1 production quite considerably. Furthermore, optimum use is made of all off cuts; they are automatically re-used in the production process. What's more, the new cutting cell has been specifically designed to cut single panels, making it very energy efficient from the start. It is also equipped with a specially optimized extraction system. Entirely in line with ecoPlus philosophy, all these innovative features significantly reduce not only manufacturing costs but also operational costs, thus ensuring a short payback period for the saw.

Suitable for craft and industry alike
The new HPS 320 flexTec is able to exploit its potential to the full when combined with an automatic horizontal storage system. Suitable solutions are available, and the price is right, making this new cutting cell attractive even for craft businesses. However, industry too will find a perfect solution here because the HPS 320 flexTec can be integrated in production lines of the Homag Group without any problems. This means that production can continue in a fully automated fashion after the cutting cell, if required.
The result? Batch size 1 cutting processes on a grand scale!

For more information contact Mrs Laura Brenner, Marketing:

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