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KLEIBERIT HotCoating with digital print.
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09 September 2015

KLEIBERIT HotCoating with digital print.

The main focus is the surface finishing technology, KLEIBERIT HotCoating, which has in the meantime been successfully established worldwide. With a HotCoating demonstration line in live production and a variety of samples from international customers, the experts from KLEIBERIT will show which new fields of application this technology now covers, from classic and highly economical surface finishing to furniture components.
For example, the solution for the seamless design of surface/edge transitions in combination with digital printing and subsequent shaping, KLEIBERIT DesignEdge. Or the possibility for exterior use, e.g. for facades, due to HotCoating outdoor surfaces extremely high water and UV resistance coupled with high scratch resistance.
Also new product solutions for the flooring industry in terms of scratch resistance together with digital printing technology and surface structures enabled by HotCoating Impress Touch which is pleasant to walk on, features a natural feel and above all has highest resistance and water resistance.
The invisible glue line will also be a focus, especially in terms of steam and heat resistance in kitchen and bathroom areas. Once again KLEIBERIT’s competence in PUR hotmelt adhesives is apparent, as application trials show clearly and comprehensively that for ideal edge-banding, there is no way around PUR HM.
Bonding of new surfaces and flooring materials, the use of modern adhesives for manufacturing three dimensionally shaped furniture components as well as a glimpse into the product range for classic carpentry and cabinetry offerings complete the presentation, which is as always strongly focused on finding new solutions for future applications through discussions with international operators and adhesive users.
KLEIBERIT employs approximately 500 people worldwide and produces approximately 40,000 tons of adhesives and coatings each year. 80 % of the products are sold internationally.
Customers include companies in the furniture production industry and suppliers to the automotive, filter, paper and packaging industries as well as the textile industry.

For more information contact Mr Peter Mansky:

Max Becker Strasse 4
D-76356 WEINGARTEN / BADEN / Germany
Tel +49 7244 62260
Fax +49 7244 700260