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HORNSCHUCH Group, new products at Ligna with Expressive Art in dialog.
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28 May 2015

HORNSCHUCH Group, new products at Ligna with Expressive Art in dialog.

The annual trend Expressive Art is by its nature not a wallflower. On the contrary: Loud, bright, and jazzy, it utilizes the power of the visual lavish forms and jazzy colors. At the same time, there will increasingly be surfaces in the future, which are in dialog with each other and which determine the overall impact of a piece of furniture. Be it a wood design or metallized wood. Or two designs that complement each other. Or skai colore magic structure QUADRO and skai color structure Kreuzschliff, which we introduce here:
Structure + metallic = aha experience
The innovative skai QUADRO structure has many characteristics of coniferous wood and can therefore be perfectly combined with similar items. The new metallic shades – stahlsilber, perlmutt, stahlgrau, nightblue – look elegant and embrace the spirit of the times. Due to its particularly deep and impressive embossing with sharp edges and grooves, the surface looks sandblasted. The metallic, high-quality solid colors are very impressive.

Hornschuch – a Brief Profile
In the Home Decoration business segment, the Hornschuch Group produces and markets designer and functional films for the end consumer under the brand name d-c-fix®. Under the industrial brand skai®, Hornschuch provides films and coated substrate materials for the automotive, furniture, marine and construction industries. The result is the creation of high-quality furniture films for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as high-tech upholstery materials in the Interior business segment, in the Transportation segment special synthetics for vehicle interiors and in the Exterior segment innovative window profile, door and facade films. The Hornschuch Group with its headquarters in Weissbach near Heilbronn is the world leader in surface design. The Group includes not only the sales companies, but also three production businesses: O´Sullivan Films, Inc., USA, kek-Kaschierungen GmbH in Southern Baden and Hornschuch Stolzenau GmbH in Lower Saxony. With six international sales companies, the surface specialist operates in the important trendsetting and decision-making centres that are so important for the industry, namely London, Milan, Moscow, Paris and Shanghai. In addition there are representative offices in more than 80 countries. In total the Hornschuch Group has around 1,700 employees worldwide.
For more information contact Mr Axel Schmidt, Group Manager Communications

Konrad Hornschuch AG
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74679 Weissbach / Germany
Tel +49 (0) 7947 81522
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