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INSTALMEC: A new standard in wood-cleaning technology.
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19 May 2015

INSTALMEC: A new standard in wood-cleaning technology.

It is generally known, that 98% of all MDF production lines have a common problem not solvable with traditional separation systems available on the market: small black spots on the panels’ surface. Today, Instalmec is proud to offer a new generation technology of separator of material obtaining a much higher classification efficiency compared to traditional systems on the market. Instalmec’s High efficiency MDF Cleaner separates both fine and coarse material up to particles of 1,5-2 mm and eliminates every kind of pollutants contained in fiber wood such as rubber, glue lumps, oversize pieces of wood, small stones, sand, fiber lumps and foreign bodies. In this system fiber does not go through the fan and for this reason it keeps its original structure. The final result is an MDF panel whose mechanical characteristics are much higher than the average MDF panel.
Advantages: much more efficient system than the traditional ones since it works in two stages - Excellent protection of press steel band - Improved panel quality - Excellent panel surface - Increased production of first quality boards.

After years of research Instalmec has created a great solution for cleaning wood in the dry area of the plant. Such solution is suitable for both virgin and recycled wood. This new dry cleaning system works in a different way compared to the system that the market offers today.
Indeed, after many years of experience we have realized that after screening it is essential to divide the material into various fractions - each having particles of a certain size. The performance of the Separator is extremely constant over the time as it does not use nets and therefore it is not subject to wear nor to fouling. The first step after sifting eliminates about 98% of the waste material from the material flow. Then, the material is further separated by our special Densimat. The result of this double cleaning is that the final material is clean above 99%.
Advantages: Reduced wear - Reduced energy consumption (cut-off of exercise costs) - Optimal cleaning sequence - Constant cleaning efficiency over 98% - Reduction of the cost of raw material - great use of recycled wood - Further reduction of presence of minerals in the panel - Constant surface of the panel even if using different types of woody material - Reduced use of glue thank to a smaller presence of minerals especially in the outer layer - Reduced wear of abrasive papers.

Instalmec created a new state-of-the-art plant’s components to make sure that our clients from different sectors in the wood-based panels industry can have a fine-material with particles’ dimension less than 0,4mm and especially with a mineral low content for different applications. We obtained a great and satisfactory result: In case of return of the whole material from the sleeve’s bottom inside the dry zone, it is possible to recover fine-particles again, that contain a small percentage of minerals equal to about 1,2-1,7% with a usage of 70% of recycled as well as fresh wood.
Advantages regarding energy production (dryer): greater efficiency of the dryer since the mineral-content is very low - lower attachment of the minerals in the combustion chamber - reduced maintenance costs given by a lower wear especially in the pneumatic conveying - no devotion needed for plant-cleaning.
Advantages regarding the production: excellent surface’s quality, homogeneous and uniform - less wear of sanding-paper, even though the dust level is higher - possibility of painting directly on the surface - excellent coating-quality of the coarse particleboard - possible dosing method → due to the requirements - the system is always active – constant efficiency.

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